4 reasons why should you seek multiple interior designers’ opinions

1. Enhance your knowledge about home renovation in Singapore.

If you have no previous experience in home renovation, this is an important procedure. You need to know what can and cannot be done when it comes to renovation. Armed with the essential knowledge, you will be able to make better decision with no regret when renovating your home. Some general renovation knowledge that you can acquire when communicating with different interior designers:

  • Rules and regulations regarding renovation for HDB, condominium or landed private property.
  • Types of material available for different renovation works.
  • Kinds of finishing to expect.
  • Alternatives and new technology for different renovation works.
  • Estimated renovation cost, time frame, renovation process, contract terms and conditions, etc.
  • Different working styles of each interior designer

2. Discover what you really want.

If you have no concrete plan or any idea what you want to do with your new home, just take your floor plan and speak to any interior designer.  When the interior designer start asking you questions, your brain will start thinking what you really want. Those questions will help you and your partner to kick-start the “our dream home” renovation discussion.

Usually, the first interior designer that you speak to will not be the one you are looking for. If you find yourselves going back to the first interior designer after speaking to more than four, that interior designer must be really good!

3. Find the right interior designer that you are comfortable and confident with.

There are many different kinds of interior designers in Singapore:

  • “Contractor style” interior designer that just do whatever the homeowner wants.
  • Detailed and thoughtful interior designer who give meaningful advises.
  • Interior designer who designs and coordinates the whole project.
  • Interior designer who focus on designing and leave the rest of the renovation works to a project coordinator.

Understand how each interior designer works and choose the one that suit you.

4. Compare the price from each interior designer and get your money’s worth.

Different interior designers (even within the same interior design company) can charge different prices. There are some who charge design fee while others do not.  Despite using the similar material and building process, prices can still varies.  Therefore, do take your time to compare each quotation.

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