5 Room HDB renovation at Jalan Tenteram: Part 4 – Day 11 – Tiling

Due to the festive season, there were a numbers of days where renovation works could not be carried out. Renovating houses during this period will take a longer time than usual.

This project is in the midst of tiling work. Before any tile can be fixed onto the wall or floor, cement screed need to be carried out to smoothen the surface. This procedure can be time consuming because the cement takes time to dry. Toilets will usually takes a even longer time to complete the tiling because of the additional works like water proofing and fixing drainage.

Living Room

Dining Area


Common Toilet

Master Bedroom

Master Toilet

Interesting Fact

Do you know why do tilers need this big water container? 

Soaking tiles in water is a common industrial practice. A dry tile will suck the water out of the mortar. This will leave weak bonds between the mortar and tile. Wetting the tile will allow the tile to fix properly onto the mortar.


Information about the Interior Designer

Interior Designer

Name: Ben Ng

Experiences: working as a Interior Designer since 2006

Mobile: 9746 2581

Company: BEHome Design Concept

Website: http://www.behomedc.com/index.htm

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