5 Room HDB renovation at Jalan Tenteram: Part 5 – Day 18 – Tiling

The tiling work is approaching its final stage. In the meanwhile, another renovation work (false ceiling) was also carried out concurrently.

Living Room

Dining Area


Common Toilet

Master Bedroom

Master Toilet

Interesting Facts

This is how the false ceiling look like before installation.

The tiler uses a hammer to fix the tile firmly onto the ground.

The tiler uses a leveling tool to ensure that the tile is properly installed.

Equipments and building materials to install the tiles. The blue colour container contains material for waterproofing the toilet floor. Waterproofing material includes W1, 104 and water proofing membrane 3-in-1 screed. This is to prevent water leakage to the ceiling of the unit below.

Spacers are used between tiles.

The tiler is removing the old tiles before the installation of the new one.

The drainage holes are covered up to prevent any rubbish, sand or cement from choking them.

Loose wire are left hanging out from the false ceiling for installation of lighting fixtures.


Information about the Interior Designer

Name: Ben Ng

Experiences: working as a Interior Designer since 2006

Mobile: 9746 2581

Company: BEHome Design Concept

Website: http://www.behomedc.com/index.htm

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