5 Room HDB renovation at Jalan Tenteram: Part 6 – Day 24 – Tiling completed

The first few weeks are usually the “hell weeks” for a full renovation. There are simply too many works going on at the same time and the place is usually in a mass. The renovation works that were carried concurrently include hacking, tiling, construction of false ceiling, electrical and plumbing works.

After tiling is completed, this 5 room HDB is currently waiting for:

  • Clearing of debris – removal of all the rubbish and unused building materials.
  • Carpentry – site measurement was completed and the woodwork is currently in progress at the factory.
  • Painting work
  • Doors and shower screen measurement is to be carried out so that it can be manufactured at the factory.
  • Remaining electrical and plumbing works will be carried out after the woodwork is completed.
  • Delivery of all the bath, kitchen and lighting accessories to site for installation.

As you can see, it is not easy to be an interior designer. For those homeowners who think that they can save some money by doing a DIY renovation, please do not attempt to do it. You can actually save more money by leaving all these headaches to the pros. This is because if any mistake is committed during the renovation period, it will cost a lot of money to ratify. It is just not financial beneficial or worth the hassle. No amateur can replicate a professional’s work without any jobsite experience.

It is all the accumulated “painful” experiences, years of daily hard work, good relationship and excellent rapport with sub-contractors that make good Interior Designers who they are today. See my preferred IDs for all the really good Interior Designers.

Living Room

The floor tiles are protected with protective sheets to prevent scratches or damages while the rest of the renovation works are carried out.

Dining Area


Common Toilet

The toilet bowl will be installed right in front of the mosaic tiles. The position of the toilet bowl (regardless whether it is HDB or condominium) cannot be changed because of the predetermined sewage pipes.

Master Bedroom

Master Toilet


Information about the Interior Designer


Name: Ben Ng

Experiences: working as a Interior Designer since 2006

Mobile: 9746 2581

Company: BEHome Design Concept

Website: http://www.behomedc.com/index.htm

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