My Experience: Aircon servicing and problem fixing

Few days ago, I saw a Aircon servicing advertisement in my neighborhood. Call the Aircon technician Mr Lim, regarding fixing my Aircon because 2 of my Aircon units could not blow out cold air. He told me that if he is to come to my place and check, it will cost me $30 after diagnosis without fixing the problem. Why must I pay $30 if he is not fixing my problem? He added that he will waive the $30 if I agreed to his price for fixing the problem. What he is doing here is that I will be held ransom to his price demand whether he fix or not fix my Aircon. He told me one of the problem for my Aircon could be the capacitor which will cost me $150 to change one. I have no idea what is that and how much it actually cost to fix.

Mr Lim Air Con Service

I really don’t feel comfortable to being held ransom so I decide to call another Aircon technician. I found one from the Internet call refreshing cool. The website promise that there is no obligation after checking and it’s free. The Aircon technician name Kelvin also mentioned that it only cost $80 to change the capacitor. I immediately book a date with him to fix my Aircon.

When he arrived, he told me that my Aircon is short of gas and the cost is $120. Reason for the higher than normal price is because my Aircon is inverter and the 410A gas is more expensive. To me, money is not a problem as long as my Aircon problem is solved. However, he add that there is no warranty for gas top up! He added that no “Aircon man” in the market will give warranty for gas top up! I asked if after a few days, the Aircon is again not blowing cool air, then what should I do? He said that it means there is a gas leak and the cost of CHECKING FOR GAS LEAK is few hundred dollars? I am shock! And if I am to fix the gas leak, it’s another few hundred dollars! I am very shock! I feel cheated because I am now paying $120 and my problem is not completely fixed! By that time, I could no longer stop him because he is already mid way topping up the gas. They only took 5 minutes to fill the gas and my $120 is gone.

Receipt for refilling aircon gas


1) Why do we need to pay $30 to the Aircon technician when they have not even fixed our problem? I will not use the Aircon technician who set a ($30 transport fee) condition.
2) If you want to compare price, please do not give out your address until you confirm their service. Always call to ask about price and conditions(e.g. $30 transport fee)
3) There is really no market rate that we home owners can use as a guide. The Aircon technician basically can set a high price and we have no idea but to agree to the price.
4) We also have no idea whether the Aircon technician really fixed the Aircon, in my case, filling up the gas fully.
5) I will not use Mr Lim. He charge transport fee and very high price.
6) I will not use Kelvin from He doesn’t solve my problem as a professional. No warranty for gas refill.

Updated on 27 July 2012

I call Kelvin yesterday mentioning that master room aircon is not cold.  My aircon only kept my room in a “not hot temperature”.  He came up today to check.  His new diagnosis is:

  1. He mentioned my previous reading is 120 and he has refill the gas to 150PSI (efficient level).  But after checking again,  my gas is over filled (170PSI).  He need to release the inverter gas.  I realized that there is actually no need to refill the gas.  He know it too.
  2. He made the wrong assumption and gave the wrong solution to my problem.
  3. After further checking and asking his colleagues, he realized that its my circuit board or valve problem.  He told me its cheaper to get the original manufacturer (in my case LG) to fix it as it is cheaper and comes with warranty.
  4. I must admit that Kelvin is responsible enough to come to my house for the 2nd time to check on my aircon.  At least he is being responsible.  His attitude is also very good.  Thats why when I realized that he made the wrong diagnosis, I am not angry with him.  I also did not ask him for the $120.  At least I know where is the real problem now.
  5. So I called LG to fix a date.
  6. The LG Aircon technician came.  They told me that there is a over filling of gas (there is no need to refill gas at all) and the real problem is the valve.   The faulty valve has transfer my cool air to the other aircon unit.
  7. They charged me $169 and my problem is completely fixed!
  8. My aircon is now as good as brand new!

If anyone has a very honest and good Aircon technician to share and recommend, do email me at or comment on this blog. If you have any past experiences, do share with us as well. Let us do ourselves a favor by sharing good contacts which can save us money and get the services that we deserve.

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  1. Roy

    Sep 29. 2014

    Lol , I totally agree.

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  2. suzzie09

    Nov 19. 2015

    My cousin has started an online booking for regular aircon servicing, hassle free and they review through the vendors they work with.
    check the website out…


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  3. Grace Lim

    Mar 02. 2016

    Thanks for the notice. We recently have our 4 room HDB aircon servicing provided by this company we found online. Their services were as per listed on their website and they did not try to upsell or crosssell any services. Based on our experience, we are really pleased. The company we went with can be found here:


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  4. Shirley Tan

    Apr 14. 2016

    I have been in similar situation with you, where my aircon was leaking water. I have gotten 2 aircon company to check and paid for their services but they still unable to rectify my problem.. In the end, i left with no choice but to contact my aircon manufacturer to come down and take a look. They said that it was due to poor installation.. Hence, I need to pay them to re-install the aircon again. Finally, the issue is resolved. Currently, for normal aircon servicing and cleaning, I am using a aircon company where my colleague introduced me. So far, their service is good and responsible. No issues with my aircon now. They have an website : You all can take a look, if you all want.

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    Jul 11. 2016

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    Jul 11. 2016

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  7. Samantha yee

    Aug 09. 2016

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  8. Thanks for sharing with us, I will be always your follower

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  9. Cindy Goh

    Dec 28. 2016

    I am also encountered similar issue with my previous aircon company.. I have a leaking aircon but they still unable to fix my problem despite several trips. My friend then recommended me, where they completely fixed my leaking issue on their first trip. Until now, I still use their services.

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