Bathroom (Sanitary) Accessories: Good and bad quality

When it comes to buying bathroom accessories, there is a different between buying a cheap and expensive one.  The price different can be 4 to 5 times.  The 2 pictures below really display the differences after a period of usage.

Good quality

Lousy quality

I took the picture of the good quality tap from a hotel.  As you can see, even after years of using, the tap remain shiny.  One of the brands that produce good quality bathroom accessories is GROHE.  Its one of the most widely used brands by many hotels all over the world.  The reason is because of their good and lasting quality.  Its worth every penny if you have a little budget to spare.  Your bathroom can still look brand new after many years with all the quality accessories.

The picture of the poor quality tap is taken from my own home.  The condition of my tap used to look like the good quality tap.  However, after few months of used, my tap looks moldy.  There might be ways to clean it but its tough.  It will never look as good as new.  However, its cheap (SGD$30) and its functional.

SongChoStainlessSteel SongChoStainlessSteelClean

Another bathroom accessories that I want to talk about is the Song Cho multipurpose rack that I bought.  Its much more expensive than other cheap rack.  The rack feels tougher because of thicker material and you can see a shiny coat over their stainless steel.  Over time, rust do appear on the rack but it can be easily cleaned off as shown in the above picture.  Just clean off with any cloth of toilet paper.  Its easy.  No cleaning detergent needed.  Song Cho 100% guaranteed against rust really works!

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  1. Xin reng

    Apr 27. 2014

    A lot of pictures cannot be viewed . Possible do something?

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  2. Vincent

    Apr 28. 2014

    Hi Xin Reng, I have updated the photos. Do check it out!

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