Beautiful kitchen ideas from Europe

I just came back from Europe and I came across some really beautiful kitchen showrooms. Although there are many similarity between the kitchen designs from Singapore and the Europeans, the European kitchen designers do use certain materials or designs that have not been seen in Singapore kitchens.


Beautiful Kitchen-11

Beautiful Kitchen-10

Wallpapers can really give the kitchen a different feel. However, many Interior Designers usually do not recommend wallpapers in the kitchen due to difficulty in maintenance. In addition to that, the wallpapers can be easily damaged with all the heat and oil from heavy cooking. However, wallpaper can still be used if we can use tempered glasses over it. In this way, not only can we still see the wallpaper design, we can also prolong the lifespan of the wallpaper. The tempered glass will also make maintenance easy. However, due to the high cost of having the wallpaper and tempered glass at the same time, I would suggest the combination being restricted to backsplash area.

Stainless steel strip

Beautiful Kitchen-7 Beautiful Kitchen-6

You can see from the above pictures that stainless steel strips are used at the backsplash and cabinets area. The metal strips can either be stainless steel material or metal looking laminate. A few metal strips make the kitchen feels really modern. The metallic colour also matches well with many other colours, whether dark, bright or just plain white.

Tempered glass and sliding doors

Beautiful Kitchen-8

Using clear tempered glass as doors for drawers is a very unique in the kitchen. If you have the habit of arranging and displaying your beautiful kitchenwares, this can be the design idea for you. I personally really like this idea. The only thing about this design is that it is not child friendly unless wood frames are used.

In most kitchen, you will only see swing doors for the top and bottom cabinets. Not many Interior Designers actually use sliding doors for kitchen cabinets and I really don’t know why. I really do not see it as a major problem. I think its a really nice idea if I can open up all the compartments during cooking with all the kitchenwares easily accessable.

Open concept

Beautiful Kitchen-9 Beautiful Kitchen-5

Sometimes, it can be really nice if there is no door at all. If you have some really nice kitchenwares, there is no harm displaying all these beautiful pieces.

Beautiful curtain from Vincent Interior Blog’s preferred partner

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Beautiful Kitchen-1

Instead of just a plain piece of laminate, you can sometimes play around with designs to the doors or the side of the cabinets to give your kitchen more character. Materials like laminates, acrylic or even decals are really suitable in this situations.

Integrating your washing machine and dryer into your kitchen cabinet

Beautiful Kitchen-2

I hope you can see the washing machine and dryer in the picture above. The machines are integrated into the kitchen cabinets. It brings up the machines to a comfortable height and bottom drawers can be used to store the washing detergents.

Other kitchen designs

Beautiful Kitchen-3 Beautiful Kitchen-4 Beautiful Kitchen-12

Kitchen cabinet with 2 different heights break the boring conventional design to make the cabinet looks outstanding. I am really not sure whether it is practical but when it comes to designs, practicality need not apply all the time.

I hope you like what I have bought to you for this post on beautiful kitchen ideas from Europe.

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