Big interior design companies in Singapore

There are many interior design companies in Singapore, but there are only few that are bigger than others.  Listed below are a few prominent ones:

1) Chew Interior Design

2) Darwin Interior Design

3) WeiKen

4) North West Interior Design

What does using big interior design companies means to you?

They are financially stable.  Meaning they are less likely to go bankrupt during the renovation period.  It will also most likely means that your renovation will be completed and the warranty that the company promised you will be valid.

Does it means that they are the best?

Not necessary.  When renovating your home, the outcome of your home will depend very much on the interior designer that you have chosen.  They may be the biggest interior companies in Singapore but they do not necessary have the best interior designers.  There are many smaller companies in Singapore with very good interior designers.  Do search around for them.

Are they more expensive than smaller companies?

They generally do charge higher than smaller companies.  Big companies have big overheads like, additional administrative staffs, advertising, showroom rental, etc.  They need bigger margins to cover their cost.  Big companies’ interior designers (not the boss) usually works on commission (example split 50/50 profit with their company).  If the project command less than a specific amount of commission for the interior designers, it will be a waste of time for them to take up the job.  Example if the project sum is S$100,000 and the profit is only S$5,000.  After splitting with his company, the interior designer will only get S$2,500.  For such a big project(meaning a lot of work) with such a small commission, most interior designers will not take up the job.  However, to a smaller company, the interior designer(usually the boss) might take up the job because he gets to keep all the profit to himself.

Is their final product or finishing better than smaller companies?

Not necessary.  The big companies do attract good sub contractors (example: tillers, painters, hackers, etc) to work for them.  However, good finishing is still up to the interior designers who are in charge of coordinating the works and ensuring quality finishing.

In conclusion

Employing good interior designer is a better bet than going for big companies.

Please leave me a comment if you have previous experiences or feedback to share with our readers.

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6 Responses to “Big interior design companies in Singapore”

  1. Kit Kat

    Jul 13. 2014

    I think it would be good if you can write about the best interior design company in singapore on top of the biggest ID company in Singapore. Consumers would be interested to know the best.

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    • Vincent

      Jul 22. 2014

      Hi Kit Kat,

      Unfortunately, there is no best ID company, or can I say I am not qualified to judge which company is the best. Every companies has their good and bad. It all depends on the individual Interior Designer. Usually the best comes with a price tag that most are not willing to pay. I try to recommend good IDs. That is the best I can do.

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  2. Tracy

    Jul 15. 2014

    North West Interior Design is unprofessional. Please do not engage them! Previously my eye “paste stamp” and I engage them now regret.

    My renovation have started halfway but I’m totally clueless as to when is the estimated completion date. No idea what is next, what they want to work on next, if there is any delays etc.

    There is no proper follow up on the renovation work, no project timeframe (with committed timeline for each work – with this at least customers will know what is next and can monitor progress). There are also other complains and unhappiness experienced.

    I’ve complained to the MD but even the MD also one of a kind – just reply your complaint with a template that is full of grammatical errors. No contact details no follow up after that.

    Looks like North west Interior Design Pte Ltd think their business is good enough, that’s why always do a “we want sales, we don’t want profits” Sale promo shoutout and flyers.

    If you see their Facebook it’s all compliments, no complaints. What does this mean? They only show the “good things”. Complains all just sweep under carpet and diam diam dun care.

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    • Vincent

      Jul 22. 2014

      Hi Tracy, thank you for sharing with us your experiences. For your case, the ID is very critical to a good renovation. At times, even good IDs will experience conflicts with their clients. Hope you did managed to sort out the issues you faced.

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  3. Zoro

    Dec 14. 2014

    Try to avoid rezt n relax..they cost a bomb..they claim their lifetime warranty covers all carpentry but the weirdest thing i encounter. All their tiling works and kitchen top cost way more expensive than the others.

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  4. Ah Singh

    Aug 01. 2016

    Dont engage Northwest, ridiculous service, cant get their rep to reply on time, is not proactive, have to chase everyday, makes alot of excuses, doesnt keep to his word. Couldnt do a simple job of replacing my vanity cabinet with basin, got the dimensions wrong, made the hole for the tap so far back that the water spill all over the place. In the end can tell me after months of asking them to make it right, that i will have to pay for a new basin if they do it again. This is on top of me having to buy new taps at my cost and after telling me 3 weeks ago they will reimburse, i am still chasing that Asmond guy. So if you can avoid pleas do so, if you cant and you get Asmond, please run for the hills!!!

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