BTO 3 Room HDB renovation by Interior Designer Ben Ng – Part 2 – Quotation, floor plan & perspectives

In this post, I am going to show you all the details (documents) regarding this BTO 3 room HDB renovation at Sengkang. All these information allows the homeowners to have a clearer picture about their renovation and their expected end product. For those first timer homeowners renovating their homes, do take note that the following information are important to you. Do remember to request them from your Interior Designer. Different Interior Designers will present these information to homeowners differently.

There are Interior Designers who offer to deduct SGD600 if perspectives are not provided. I think that those Interior Designers are not wrong to offer this alternative (the choice is still up to the homeowners) but my  advise is not to take up such offer. Perspectives allow the homeowners to have a visual picture of their renovated home. If the homeowners do not like what is proposed by the Interior Designers, they can still change because the actual work is not done yet. Without the perspectives, the homeowners will have to pray hard that Interior Designers can really deliver a nice designs that suit them. In my opinion, please don’t pray. Pay the $600 to have a peace of mind and that you know what you are getting for your $30,000 renovation.


Original Floor Plan

Proposed Layout

Ceiling Plan


What do you actually look out for when you get your perspectives? The perspectives basically show you the carpentry works and the feel of the whole house. The perspectives are also usually drawn to size. Therefore, you should:

  • (Design & Feel) ask yourself and your partner whether you like the feel of the design. Is it what you are expecting?
  • (Logical) check that the space created by carpentry works allow you to store your stuffs. For example you have 1000 DVDs and a big home entertainment system. The TV feature wall and console must be able to accommodate them.
  • (Safety) ask whether its safe for small children. You might preferred round corners to sharp ones.

Living Room


Master Bedroom

Common Room

Information about the Interior Designer


Name: Ben Ng

Experiences: working as a Interior Designer since 2006

Mobile: 9746 2581

Company: BEHome Design Concept


Featured completed renovation projects: 

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