Bayshore Park condominium renovation project by PLUS Interior Design – Painting, flooring, false ceiling

This is another update on the Bayshore Park Condominium renovation project by PLUS Interior Design. First round of painting,parquet flooring and the false ceiling works are completed. ... Continue Reading →

Sims Drive 5 room HDB point block renovation project by BEhome Design Concept – Painting & false ceiling

This is an update on the renovation for the Sims Drive 5 room HDB by BEhome Design Concept. The first round of painting work and the false ceiling were completed. This HDB is now ready ... Continue Reading →

Anti-slip floor solution by G-MES: Protect old folks, children and yourself

Have you experienced falling in your own bathroom or any wet surface? If the fall is a bad one, you can get seriously hurt. Slippery floor is already posing a danger to any strong adult. ... Continue Reading →

Types of flooring for living room and bedroom

The common types of flooring for your living room and bedroom: Tiles Flooring Parquet Flooring Laminate Flooring Vinyl Flooring Painted Concrete Floor // Tiles Flooring Its the ... Continue Reading →