Effective communication with your Interior Designer

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Renovation quotation request Do’s and Don’t’s

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3 costly mistakes to avoid during renovation

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Renovation contractor or Interior designer?

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Tips on Singapore renovation loan

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Tips to having a creative and unique home

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Curtain, wallpaper & carpet from J&K Furnishing

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Can engaging your own sub contractors save you money for your renovation?

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Renovation cost: budget setting for HDB flats

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Introduction to Vincent Interior Blog for newbies

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Useful tips on purchasing and installation of curtain

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Renovation scam: How to prevent yourself from becoming a victim?

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Practical tips on engaging a Interior Designer for your home renovation

1) First thing to do before you even meet your first Interior Designer Ask your partner or yourself what you want from the renovation. Prepare a “what you want” list from ... Continue Reading →

Security issues with Singapore aluminium sliding window and window grilles

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Carpentry: What you will need to decide

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