Nano safe: Protect your family against virus and bacteria

Advertorial As we are aware, sickness are transmitted either by touch or air-borne. This is especially inevitable for a children environment where virus and bacteria are passed to each ... Continue Reading →

iGlass: Invisible shield for all your glasses

In this post, I am introducing you to a new product call iGlass. iGlass is not something for you to wear or put on. It is a intelligent glass technology that can help you to improve ... Continue Reading →

Product Review: KOH Lamps by KöH Concepts

Looking to make a difference to your lovely home? KOH Lamps can be a ideal choice for you. It creates a warm and cosy atmosphere, which makes you want to stay at home even more! The ... Continue Reading →

Security issues with Singapore aluminium sliding window and window grilles

What I am going to tell you in this post might seems unbelievable. I cannot believe it myself when my wife told me until I personally experienced it. The poor quality aluminium windows ... Continue Reading →

Anti-slip floor solution by G-MES: Protect old folks, children and yourself

Have you experienced falling in your own bathroom or any wet surface? If the fall is a bad one, you can get seriously hurt. Slippery floor is already posing a danger to any strong adult. ... Continue Reading →

Singapore Furniture: Beautiful wood products by Herman Furniture

There are many furniture showrooms in Singapore and in this post, I am going to introduce one furniture company that stand out from the rest. Herman Furniture sells solid wood furniture ... Continue Reading →

Interesting and useful home improvement product: Lockitron

So what is Lockitron? Just take a look at the following video: I really like the idea and concept of Lockitron. Not only can it be installed at the main door, Lockitron can also be ... Continue Reading →

Practical and hygienic: Dish dryer is a must-have home appliance

Do you notice that you will always wash your crockery or utensils just before use even though they are clean? The cleaned tableware will usually collect dust after placing in the cabinet ... Continue Reading →

What to do if your aircon is not cold or faulty?

From my previous experience, I have came out with a solution for you when you face problems with your aircon. // Problems Usually it always start with noisy aircon or your aircon ... Continue Reading →

My Experience: Aircon servicing and problem fixing

Few days ago, I saw a Aircon servicing advertisement in my neighborhood. Call the Aircon technician Mr Lim, regarding fixing my Aircon because 2 of my Aircon units could not blow out ... Continue Reading →

Pest control after renovating your home

It is very important to engage pest control to protect your home against pest after a renovation.  This procedure is even more important for those who bought a preowned unit.  An ... Continue Reading →

How to deal with ants inside your home

Recently I realized that there ants consistently found in my house.  Despite killing them, there are always new ones coming back the next day.  As I have this “CLEANLINESS” ... Continue Reading →