Tips to having a creative and unique home

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Singapore Interior Design Ideas: Beautiful living rooms

In this post, I am going to show you some living room interior design ideas that are suitable for Singapore homes. I would like to thank PLUS Interior Design for their contribution ... Continue Reading →

Beautiful kitchen ideas

Showrooms’ kitchens always looked stunning as compared to most home kitchen. Most of the materials used to create the kitchen cabinets are the same: plywood, laminate, anti-slam hinges, ... Continue Reading →

Decorate your wall with decal

On this post, I am going to talk about wall decal.  I think its a really cheap, easy and fast way to decorate a plain wall.  Its does not take up space and can be easily removed. ... Continue Reading →

Kids’ Room Design – Project Alex – Stage One (Planning)

I am creating a kids’ room design project named project Alex (My son’s name!).  I will be decorating my son’s bedroom and I will post about the progress at different ... Continue Reading →

HDB DBSS Parc Lumiere @ Simei Renovation and Interior Design

I recently went to a friend’s house and I am pretty impress with the renovation works from his Interior Designer.  Because this is a impromptu photo shoot,  the photos ... Continue Reading →

Condo Design Suggestion: Living up 更上一層樓(壹號雲頂) video

I happened to come across a very interesting Hong Kong Interior Design TV show. Because there are many similarity between Hong Kong’s and Singapore’s condominium design, ... Continue Reading →

Useful Videos from Youtube about Singapore Interior Design and Renovation

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Interior Designer Adrian Lau: HDB and Condo Kitchen 3D Designs

Once again, Interior Designer Adrian Lau has contributed more 3D designs for all the readers out there. // HDB and Condo Kitchen 3D Designs // As Singapore property gets smaller ... Continue Reading →

Interior Designer Adrian Lau: HDB and Condo Bedroom 3D Designs

I am grateful to interior Designer Adrian Lau for the living room 3D design pictures that he provided previously.  The responds from many readers are really encouraging and positive. ... Continue Reading →

Interior Designer Adrian Lau: HDB and Condo Living Room 3D Designs

Today I present you a very experienced  and creative interior designer Adrian Lau.  Here are some of his 3D designs. // // Adrian Lau Location: Singapore Years ... Continue Reading →