Renovation scam: How to prevent yourself from becoming a victim?

Have your heard of homeowners being scammed by Interior Designers or contractors where nothing is done or incomplete renovation after money is paid? This kind of scam is rare but do ... Continue Reading →

Practical tips on engaging a Interior Designer for your home renovation

1) First thing to do before you even meet your first Interior Designer Ask your partner or yourself what you want from the renovation. Prepare a “what you want” list from ... Continue Reading →

Renovation documents: Detailed paperwork by PLUS Interior Design

Different interior designers or interior design companies provide different types of documentation for their customers. In this post, I will show you how this particular company sets ... Continue Reading →

Electrical work: Living room TV, telephone and electrical points’ location

One of the many decisions that one needs to make during home renovation is TV, telephone, and electrical points’ positioning. It seems a really simple task. However, it is after living ... Continue Reading →

Carpentry: What you will need to decide

Discussion with your interior designer about carpentry is one of the most headache part in a renovation project. It can take hours with many decisions to make. If possible, try to discuss ... Continue Reading →

Singapore carpentry: What can you do?

Carpentry is usually the most important part of all renovation works. It creates the desired design and feel for the house. The moment someone steps into a newly renovated home, carpentries ... Continue Reading →

4 reasons why should you seek multiple interior designers’ opinions

1. Enhance your knowledge about home renovation in Singapore. If you have no previous experience in home renovation, this is an important procedure. You need to know what can and cannot ... Continue Reading →

Home Ideas 2012 (27 Oct – 04 Nov 2012)

You might be wondering why am I posting about this fair that is going to end or ended.  One reason is that this fair is a repeating event.  Usually, the exhibitors and the ... Continue Reading →

Electronic & Lifestyle 2012 (26-28 Oct 2012)

Just went to the Electronic & Lifestyle fair at Singapore Expo yesterday and I am quite impressed with the crowd and products that they were selling. // What are they selling? Cameras Computer ... Continue Reading →

Renovation Contract Terms and Conditions

Before you sign your renovation contract, do take note of the terms and conditions (T&C).  The T&C usually includes: Payment terms Late payment penalty The services or ... Continue Reading →

Renovating your toilet / bathroom: Floor Trap

Yes my readers!  I am talking about floor trap.  It might seems as a very small issue to you.  However, I feel that a nice floor trap can make a difference to the appearance ... Continue Reading →

Types of flooring for living room and bedroom

The common types of flooring for your living room and bedroom: Tiles Flooring Parquet Flooring Laminate Flooring Vinyl Flooring Painted Concrete Floor // Tiles Flooring Its the ... Continue Reading →

Selecting bedroom doors

The following is a commonly used door catalog for local interior designers and contractors. // Classic door one of the cheapest type of door you can find in the market. Its made ... Continue Reading →

Selecting the right window grille

In my previous post, I talk about window.  This is a continuation of the previous topic.  Installing window grilles for your home is closely related to installation of window. ... Continue Reading →

Selecting the right window

Every time I pass by someones’ home, I realised that there are many homeowners who installed the wrong type of window.  For this post, I will talk about installing the right ... Continue Reading →