Condo Design Suggestion: Living up 更上一層樓(壹號雲頂) video

I happened to come across a very interesting Hong Kong Interior Design TV show. Because there are many similarity between Hong Kong’s and Singapore’s condominium design, I think its a very useful video for homeowners who are renovating their home. Unfortunately, the video is in cantonese.

Interesting designs mentioned in the video

  • TV feature wall – The interior designer managed to create a really nice feature wall with many compartments to store all the CDs and DVDs.
  • Dinning area feature wall – I really like the feature wall which is place behind the piano.  If I am correct, the wall is made up of many pieces of stripped stone or tiles.  It just look amazing and really creative!  This is what I call interior design!
  • False Ceiling – Instead of the conventional L-box, the Interior Designer created a smaller and different false ceiling (with cove lighting) to bring out a different feel to the living room.
  • Common bedrooms – Although the rooms are really small in Singapore standard, its still look amazing and “liveable” after the renovation.  The space planning and materials used is so important when it come to such small rooms.
  • Master Bedroom – I like the small mirrors that are used above the bed head.  The mirrors are cleverly placed to reflect the greenery outside the window.  You can really see that many thoughts have been put in by the Interior Designer when designing the house.

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