Decorate your wall with decal

On this post, I am going to talk about wall decal.  I think its a really cheap, easy and fast way to decorate a plain wall.  Its does not take up space and can be easily removed.  I think its a really great and simple product!

I am going to show you an example using my own house.

Wall Decal Location




Wall Decal


  • I bought this wall decal from Target Supermarket (USA) for USD20.
  • There are also similar wall decal sold in Singapore at similar pricing.  I will talk about that later.
  • The decal come with very idiot proof instruction.  Every connection comes with indicator (A connect with A, B connect with B, etc)
  • Come with a lot of extra (leaves).

Installation Process




  • Pasting the decal can be tricky.
  • Its nice to have extra helping hands for complicated decal like this tree.
  • When the decals stick to each other like in picture Decal-5, the decal can be damaged easily.

Final Product




  • It does take a little artistic instinct to make the wall decal nice.
  • When I pasted the falling leaves, it looks really terrible.  After some adjustments by my wife, it looks really good.

Singapore Wall Decal Seller

Installation Video


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