Electrical work: Living room TV, telephone and electrical points’ location

One of the many decisions that one needs to make during home renovation is TV, telephone, and electrical points’ positioning. It seems a really simple task. However, it is after living inside the house that one will wish that he had took the matter more seriously, put more effort and thoughts into planning the electrical points which can prevent a lot of inconvenience and frustration. Living in a house everyday with all the awfully positioned electrical points is a very painful experience.

Objectives of a good electrical points plan

  1. Convenience – easily accessible at all times.
  2. Nice appearance – position in such a way that all the complicated plugs are out of sight or look presentable.
  3. Logical – for example, placing your electrical points behind the TV console is not logical.

Living Room

TV area – The commonly used electrical points include cable TV, fibre broadband, telephone and electrical points. If you are installing a TV feature wall with console, all these points can be hidden within. Different Interior Designers will suggest different way of concealing the wires and electrical points. The most common way is to place all the electrical points in the TV console. However, you will realised that when you want to switch off the power of all your entertainment systems, you will have to open the console door (if there is a door) and switch off all the switches individually one at a time? I find that a hassle if I have to do it every single day. One solution is to have a main switch (one switch that can control all the power points that are hidden in the TV console) that can turn off all the power.  In this way, you can switch off all your entertainment systems with just one switch. So where to place the main switch? One suggested location is on the side of the TV console, which is usually hidden from sight. This is only possible if your TV console is fabricated and not off the shelve purchases. If you are not having a custom made TV feature or console, you might want to consider placing all your electrical points just above your console that you have purchased. This is to ensure that the TV console’s positioning will not be restricted. If the electrical points are placed at a corner lower than the console, the console will not be able to place near the wall.

Below are some examples:

If the above picture, I would personally preferred to place a single main switch (indicated red boxes are the suggested locations) to control the power of all the electronics (TV, sound bar, cable TV, internet, DVD player, Game console, etc). Putting at the side of the console is less preferred in this instant because it will look less presentable.

All the electrical and cable points could have move to the location behind the toys (which in this case are the display items). All the ugly wires and multi plug points could have been hidden, making the TV area more presentable. Remember to place the electrical point at least 5cm above the console. If not, you will face problem plugging in.

Sofa area – I really learn this thru experience. I like to use my laptop and other electronics devices while sitting at my sofa. However, whenever I need to charge my devices, I need to use an extension. It is so frustrating especially when I have to this everyday.  Place one electrical point near the sofa and make sure that it is easily accessible.

Other areas in the living roomHave a plan on where you would like to place display or household items that need electrical power. Items can include floor lamp, Christmas tree and portable stand fan, etc. A good plan can prevent messy loose wires from your electronic devices and remove the need for those ugly extension cables.

In the above example, because there is no electrical point in the empty location, you might face problem if you want to place a portable standing fan or light. If extension is used, it will be a really ugly sight.

Ceiling lighting switches


The picture on the left shows a badly designed and planned lighting switches. Just imagine you will have to switch on all these switches when you reached home or trying to figure out which switch is for which light. This kind of switch (small buttons) is considered “old model” and looks “cheap”. The latest generation switches (right picture) are bigger (easy operation) and clean looking. Do inform your electrician that you want the latest model for your switches. The positioning of such switches are usually pretty standard, so most house owners should not face problems if their electricians are experienced.

Please take note:

All the above points mentioned are my personal suggestions and opinions based on my own experiences. I hope that you can use it to your advantage so that you can create a better home for yourselves. Many factors can affect electrical points plan. Do seek your Interior Designers’ and electricians’ opinions to come out with a even better solution.

I will be talking about electrical points in other part of a house in another post. Do check out my blog!

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  1. When remodelling a house or constructing a house, the installation of the TV, telephone and electrical points is often done without much thinking. It is later that one faces problems with visible and congested wiring and uncomfortable positioning. The article gives good suggestions on how and where to install the electrical points as per the room requirements.

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