Home Ideas 2012 (27 Oct – 04 Nov 2012)

You might be wondering why am I posting about this fair that is going to end or ended.  One reason is that this fair is a repeating event.  Usually, the exhibitors and the layout will be quite similar to to the previous one.  My post regarding this fair will provide interested visitors with more information about the fair.  Another reason is that there is insufficient information about the fair online.  If you do a search for Home Idea 2012 online, the only information you will get is from the Singapore Expo website.  I hope this post will help you if you are attending the next Home Idea Fair.

Who should attend this Home Ideas Fair?

  • Home owners who are looking for Interior Designers to renovate their home
  • Those who wish to change their furniture (especially bed and mattress)
  • Those who wish to do some research about home renovation (the best place to ask questions)


  • Renovation companies ( about 50% of the exhibitors, easily more than 10)
  • Bed and Mattress sellers
  • Furnitures sellers
  • Bank selling renovation and furnishing loan (RHB)
  • Flooring sellers (laminate and other wood flooring)
  • Wall paper sellers
  • Window sellers
  • Other home improvement equipment sellers

Photos from Home Ideas 2012

Home Ideas-1

Home Ideas-2

Home Ideas-3

Home Ideas-4

Home Ideas-5

Home Ideas-6

Home Ideas-7

Home Ideas-8

Home Ideas-9

Home Ideas-10

Home Ideas-11

What to prepare before going to Home Ideas Fair?

  • Floor Plan: It is the most important thing to bring to the fair.  Whether you are renovating your home, buying new furnitures or fixing new windows, the floor plan can help you in every aspects.  Areas of your house can be easily calculated.  Price can be fixed on the spot.  You will also know whether the new King size bed that you like can fit into your room!
  • Renovation Budget:  You don’t want to be discussing this sensitive issue in front of the Interior Designer or even start an argument about it!
  • Do your research (Know what you want):  Discuss with your partner, do research online or in magazines, talk to your friends who have renovated their home, etc.  At least when the Interior Designer ask you about your requirements, you will not be replying “eee… errrr…don’t know ley”.

Review: Home Ideas Fair

  • Interior Designers: There are more than a hundreds of them waiting for you (especially on weekends) waiting to pounce onto you.  From junior (inexperienced) and senior (hundreds of renovation units under his belt) ones, all will be there at your service.  Take your time to talk to them.  I do not recommending giving any chances for those who has poor product knowledge.  You do not want to risk 5 digits sums on a inexperience Interior Designer.  Look for those who will eventually coordinate the renovation of your home.  Meaning, do not look for sales people using project coordinator.  I am sure you only want to be talking to one person instead of many parties when you are renovating your home.

Home Ideas – Renovation Packages Example

  • Renovation Packages: There are of course many renovation packages to choose from.  Do understand what is inclusive.  In addition to that, what matters is the end price with all your requirements.  Compare the “end price” from each Interior Designers or companies, not the “packages price”.  As there are just too many things to consider in a renovation, I just do not like packages.

Home Ideas – Flooring Catalogs

Home Ideas – Flooring Features

  • Laminate, engineered timber or wood Flooring: There are a few companies selling their products there.  I recommend that you talk and listen to their sale staffs.  They are the best person to know about the advantages and disadvantages of their product.  They will know much more than any other Interior Designers.  However, I do not recommend buying direct from the sellers unless your home is already renovated and only flooring is need.  No Interior Designer will be happy to hear that you have already bought the flooring direct from the seller.  Because you have bought the product separately, your Interior Designer will not be involve in the installation or quality of the flooring that you bought from directly from the seller.  you will face problems in coordination and protection of your flooring(especially when other heavy duties works like carpentry is involved).  Know what you want and buy from your Interior Designer.
  • Beds and furnitures: Buy them when you are ready for delivery.  If your house is no where near ready, waiting for the next furniture fair.  Check out my calendar for the next fair.  No point buying early.  The price will only go lower or there will always be newer product.

Home Ideas – Renovation Loan

RHB renovation loan

  • RHB Renovation Loan: If you intend to get a renovation loan, the first thing you need is the renovation quotation.  Whether you get the loan directly from the bank or thru your Interior Designer, there is really not much different.  After a check with the internet, the rate is the same.  Therefore, there is no discount at the fair except for the free gift.


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