How to deal with ants inside your home

Recently I realized that there ants consistently found in my house.  Despite killing them, there are always new ones coming back the next day.  As I have this “CLEANLINESS” OCD, the sight of ants crawling in my house irritates me!  I began to do some research online and some of them can be really useful.  Here are my reviews:

LEMON or LIME (Acidic content)

One website mention that ants dislike acidic substance.  Lemon or lime can discourage ants from appearing at the same location, for example kitchen top.  I tried to squeeze some lime juice at the place where the ants appear.  The ants really dislike the acidic juice and avoid the area.  However, they will try to  go round the acidic area to go to their planned location.  I find it not very practical to me because the ants appear in my living room floor which is laminated flooring.  Pouring acidic liquid will damage my flooring.  Even for kitchen top, I find it not very practical because the ants will only disappear when the lime juice is there.  Are you going to just leave the lime juice on your kitchen top everyday?  You will either have a really dirty kitchen top or you will spend a lot of money just to buy lime juice!


Another mention spreading of salt or pepper on the area where the ants appear.  For my case, the ants enter thru my front door because the ants come from the plants of my neighbor.  I spread some salt and pepper on my front door.  The ants indeed avoid the salt and pepper! But because the area cannot be well covered, the ants will maneuver thru.  Not only that, our town council cleaners are so efficient.  They wash away all my salt and pepper the very next day.  I don’t think you will want to see salt or pepper all over your kitchen top as well.  Therefore, I think it is not very practical too.


There are some substance in chalk that ants do not really like.  Chalk is also flexible where it can be drawn onto the wall.  Chalk also provide very well coverage and the ants have no way to maneuver thru.  It is also very lasting once applied and its cheap!  Therefore, I declare chalk the ULTIMATE ENEMY of the ANTS!

Below is some pictures showing how i prevented the ants from entering my house.  I applied some chalk at the kerb of my main door and some at the ants’ favorite entrance location.  Now my house is free of ants!

Chalk on the front door kerb

Chalk on the edge of the front door kerb

Chalk at the ants’ most likely area inside my house

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