iGlass: Invisible shield for all your glasses


In this post, I am introducing you to a new product call iGlass. iGlass is not something for you to wear or put on. It is a intelligent glass technology that can help you to improve your experience with all glasses located at home, interior or exterior of a building. So what is iGlass? Watch the interesting video below to understand more!

Introduction to iGlass

iGlass eliminates the threat of corrosion by incorporating a unique water-repellant design to its surface. iGlass can thus weather the harshest elements with ease. iGlass is UV-stabilized, meaning prolonged exposure to sunlight will not break its components down, resulting in long-lasting, enduring glass. iGlass extremely durable, its coating enables it to possess a germ-free surface. It is equipped to meet even the strictest of hygiene standards.

Benefits of iGlass

Normal glass requires constant cleaning, and uses cleaning agents which contain environmentally harmful substances. By reducing the need for cleaning, the iGlass is clearly the responsible, eco-friendly choice. iGlass is an easy clean glass that incorporates a invisible shield reducing cleaning time by up to 90%.

iGlass protects against staining, build-up and etching caused by:
– Soap scum, body oils, lime scale, dirt, and grime
– Salt, and chlorine spray
– Acid rain

Where can you use iGlass?

iGlass can be used everywhere basically, as long as there is a presence of glass, for example :
1) shower screen
2) facade glass
3) fix glass panel
4) sky light
5) glass railing
6) marine glass
7) insulated glass window and many more

Tested and certified

Independently tested and certified for durability to simulate a lifetime of 10 Years on interior and exterior use by ASTAR-SIMTech Singapore.

Where can you get iGlass?

You can enquire about iGlass from your Interior Designers or Architects. They will be able to get iGlass from the authorised distributer.

Who is the authorised distributer?


81 Tuas View Walk 1
Singapore 637620
T : (65) 6862 1173
F : (65) 6861 1173
E : sales@aplusglass.com.sg

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