Interior Designer Adrian Lau: HDB and Condo Bedroom 3D Designs

I am grateful to interior Designer Adrian Lau for the living room 3D design pictures that he provided previously.  The responds from many readers are really encouraging and positive.  Today, he has contributed more 3D drawings to show you what you can do to your bedroom.

Bedroom Design (Wardrobe Design)

Bedroom Design (Head board and side table)

Bedroom Design (Study Table)

Bedroom Design (Head Board and Book Shelves)

Bedroom Design (Head Board and Side Table)

Walking Wardrobe with Study Table

  • How can these 3D designs help you?  These pictures give you an idea of how your bedroom will look like if your ID install the carpentry according to the drawings.  It is important that you get 3D drawings before starting any renovation works.  If your ID do not provide any drawings, you will be renovating your home with a hope (prey really hard) that your colour and design combine well.  At least on paper, if you do not like the design, you can still make changes.  Once the renovation started, it will be too late.
  • What else do you need other than 3D drawings? Usually the drawing focus very much on carpentry works.  These drawings only show the external design of the carpentry.  Internal designs is also very important.  Not only will it affect the external design of e.g. the wardrobe, it also affect the way you use the it.  Before you determine the external design of the carpentry works, take sometime to think of the internal first. 1) What are the things that you are going to put in the wardrobe or the book shelves? 2)  How many things are there?  3) How would you like to display the items? 4)  How do you extract the items? Meaning accessibility. 5) How frequent do you use the item in the wardrobe?  6) Height of the person using. 7) Weight and size of the items.
  • A good ID will help you to identify all these little issues.  he should be able to guide you to your dream bedroom designs.  Not only should your design be beautiful, it should be practical as well.

Interior Designer: Adrian Lau

Location: Singapore

Years of experiences: 9 years

Qualification: Diploma in Interior Design

Services: 3D studio Max with vray rendering for visualization.  Home owners and interior design companies are welcome to enquire about his services.  For home owners who have their own personal renovation contractor but need expert solutions on interior design, Adrian is your best solution.  Per copy of 3D image is SGD$150.  Better rates for whole unit.  Please contact Adrian for price.  For interior designing companies who need 3D designer services, please contact Adrian.

Contact Number: +65 9011 4633


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