Interior Designer Adrian Lau: HDB and Condo Kitchen 3D Designs

Once again, Interior Designer Adrian Lau has contributed more 3D designs for all the readers out there.

HDB and Condo Kitchen 3D Designs

Kitchen 1

Kitchen 2

Kitchen 3

Kitchen 4

Kitchen 5

  • As Singapore property gets smaller due to escalating prices, homeowners are facing the challenge of having smaller kitchen.  To make full use of the limited space, detailed planning is needed.

What does the detailed planning encompass?

  1. Refrigerator: Size and colour.  If you have small kitchen, small fridge is the wise choice.
  2. Hob and Hood: Chimney or conventional hood?  For small kitchen, conventional hood is recommended.  Chimney hood does look impressive (Kitchen 1, 2 and 5) but when it comes to practical sense, its pretty useless.  For homeowners who do not cook frequently, smaller hob and hood can be considered in order to save space on the table top.
  3. Electronic equipments: Microwave oven, convection oven, water boiler, rice cooker, dish washer, etc.  Do consider where you would like to place all your equipments.  Do you want to place them on your table top or do you need to build special compartment within your kitchen cabinets to place those items?
  4. Cooking condiments and other food stuffs:  Think of how to place all these items to your liking or convenience.  Do you need a specially designed condiments drawer so that all the cooking condiments can be conveniently and neatly placed?
  5. Crockery, Glassware and Cutlery:  Do you have a lot of such items?  Is the custom made dish dryer enough to place all these items?
  6. Washing machine and Dryers:  For most Singaporeans, washing machine and  dryer are placed in the kitchen.  Therefore, it become relevant in the design of the kitchen.
  7. Waste bin: Where do you want to place your bin?  Would you like to incorporate it into your cabinets to have a more clean look in your kitchen?
  8. Laundry container: Where are you going to place your container?  Would there be space to incorporate into the kitchen cabinets?
  9. Sink: How big is your sink? Where do you want to place your sink?
  • Many homeowners make the mistake of installing the kitchen cabinets first without making all the above planning.  They will then try to fit in all the above mentioned items into the completed kitchen cabinets.  Why do you need to accommodate yourself to your custom made kitchen cabinets when it should be the other way round? The meaning of custom made is to make according to your needs.  There is no such thing as STANDARD custom made.
  • If you have a list of items that you would like to place it in the kitchen but have no idea how to organise them, just let your ID figure them out!  That’s their job!  You have paid them to do it.  After your ID has planned out your kitchen, you can make some adjustments to the plan.
  • If your ID tries to give you excuses not to do or simply give you a half hearted job, you know how “good” your ID is.
  • Remember: You can still make changes while you are still planning.  But there is nothing much you can do once the kitchen cabinets is installed.

Interior Designer: Adrian Lau

Location: Singapore

Years of experiences: 9 years

Qualification: Diploma in Interior Design

Services: 3D studio Max with vray rendering for visualization.  Home owners and interior design companies are welcome to enquire about his services.  For home owners who have their own personal renovation contractor but need expert solutions on interior design, Adrian is your best solution.  Per copy of 3D image is SGD$150.  Better rates for whole unit.  Please contact Adrian for price.  For interior designing companies who need 3D designer services, please contact Adrian.

Contact Number: +65 9011 4633


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