Introduction to Vincent Interior Blog for newbies

Firstly, we want to thank all our readers for visiting Vincent Interior Blog for the past 1 year. We are really happy to have helped many of our readers in their renovation quest and we are striving to do better in future.

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Reasons for this introduction

While most readers understand the objectives of Vincent Interior Blog, there are still a small percentage of our readers who are not quite sure of the purposes of our blog. We hope to clarify all the misunderstandings that our readers have.
  • There many readers who thought that Vincent Interior Blog is a renovation company. To my dear readers, we are not a renovation company. Vincent Interior Blog is a website that talks about renovation, interior design and home improvement in Singapore. We are basically a knowledge sharing website that helps to educate our readers especially when it comes to the topic of renovation.
  • There are also a few readers who asked us for quotation. We are sorry to inform you that we do not provide quotation. If you are interested in pricing ,looking for renovation or others home improvement services, please look for our preferred interior designers or partners. They will be more than willing to assist you with your enquiries.

How can you benefit from Vincent Interior Blog?

  • Knowledge: Read and follow our blog. You will be able to learn about materials, renovation procedures and valuable advises which will help you to make better decisions when it comes to renovation or home improvement. At least you will know what are the choices available to you and what you will get for your budget and requirements.
  • Reliable preferred partners and interior designers: All our listed preferred partners and interior designers have been providing good and consistent products and services. They are highly recommended by Vincent Interior Blog. If you do encounter issues with them, you can always contact us, so that we can assist you (till today, we have zero complaint about our preferred partners or IDs and we plan to keep the zero complaint record).
  • Need questions, feedbacks or advises: We are always ready to help! Just email us at We will do our very best to answer you any questions or provide you with any help.
Hope this post will clarify what we do!
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4 Responses to “Introduction to Vincent Interior Blog for newbies”

  1. Keith Ong

    Jul 26. 2013

    Hello Vincent, I stumbled upon your blog when someone shared it on Facebook. Please continue to update your blog especially with lots of pictures of recent works of IDs and contractors to let us see what are the latest ID trends in Singapore. Good luck!

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    • Vincent

      Jul 26. 2013

      Hi Keith, thank you for your encouragement. I really appreciated it. I will try to update as often as possible!


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  2. Eliza

    Sep 09. 2013

    Hi Vincent, I stumbled upon your blog while researching for my upcoming new home. If I did not read your introduction, I would have thought you are from a ID company. Really good information you have there. My first choice was to get contractor, mainly due to cost issues, but just realised my choice of contractor may not be as good as I thought. So now, am still at a loss.. Hoping to get more information from your blog..

    Thanks a million..

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    • Vincent

      Sep 11. 2013

      Hi Eliza,

      Renovation in Singapore is not cheap. Engaging contractors is for homeowners who know what they are doing. If you have no knowledge in renovation, you need a Interior Designer. Visit the Interior Designers and talk to them. Gaining more knowledge will let you discover what you really want and you will no longer be lost.

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