Kids’ Room Design – Project Alex – Stage One (Planning)

I am creating a kids’ room design project named project Alex (My son’s name!).  I will be decorating my son’s bedroom and I will post about the progress at different stages.  I am not sure how long it will take but I do hope I can complete it within 2 months.

Some information about project:

  • 5 year old boy’s room: Well, the room is already pre paint with blue so I am not going to change that.  I would really love to have it in apple green if there is a choice.
  • Room Size: I am staying in 4 room HDB flat.  So the bedroom will not be very big. (Will update on actual size later)
  • Bed frame: My wife decided that she would like a double decker bed in the room.  So there will not be fancy designer bed.
  • Budget: We did not really set a budget for that, but I would like to keep it within SGD 3,000.
  • Theme: Alex really like Transformers, Ben 10, Toy Story, Cars ,Avengers, Thomas and friends.  I think he like too many things.  Still can’t decide on which one.
  • Wardrobe: Just to keep his mountains of clothes!  By the way, he has more clothes than me!
  • Table: Hopefully we can put in a small table for him to do his homework.
  • Toys: The amount of toys he has is going to make storage a difficult task.
  • Alex’s hobbies: Reading books and drawing.  I hope I can incorporate something that is related to his hobbies in his room.

Alex’s funny reasoning about drawing 

My Wife: (sound really angry!) Alex! Did you draw on the wall?

Alex: (feeling guilty and afraid) Yes Mummy.

My Wife: You know its wrong to draw on the wall.  Why did you do that? (Waiting to hear a reasonable answer from a 3 year old kid)

Alex: (speaking as if he did nothing wrong) Mummy, I want to tell people that Alex is here!

My Wife: (@#%&!@$#@, Don’t know to laugh or to be angry)

Alex’s Room

Kid’s Room (Stage One)-Project Site 1

Kid’s Room (Stage One)-Project Site 2

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4 Responses to “Kids’ Room Design – Project Alex – Stage One (Planning)”

  1. Esther

    May 09. 2013

    Hi Vincent,chance upon your blog and found many useful tips. Thanks for sharing! One question,is your flooring using laminate wood? It looks really nice but I’m worried that it doesn’t last. What’s your opinion on laminate flooring?

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    • Vincent

      May 09. 2013

      Hi Esther, Thanks for reading my blog. Yes, its laminate flooring indeed. Disadvantages: 1) not scratch resistant: visible scratch marks can be see everywhere after my son play with his toy cars. 2) not water resistant: you cannot leave a paddle of water on the floor for too long because the water will sip into the flooring (base become moldy) and the wood will pop up. Advises from my preferred IDs: try not to use laminate flooring because it will not last (estimate 5 years). There are just too many alternatives in the market like, vinyl flooring, parquet, engineered wood, etc. Given another chance to choose, I will not choose laminate flooring. Hope it helps.

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  2. Esther

    Jun 02. 2013

    Thanks for the feedback,Vincent. Considering to try tiles that look like wood finishing instead. Saw a few when we went to Soon Bee Huat showroom. What’s your opinion of them?

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    • Vincent

      Jun 03. 2013

      Hi Esther, Soon Bee Huat is one of the leading tile suppliers in Singapore. They do have a very wide range of tiles. You can also try Hafary or Lian Seng Hin at Balestier Road. Their tile variety is also very wide. Most Interior Designers in Singapore go to these 3 big tile suppliers. Using wood finishing tiles is a very good alternative. Looks and durability are definitely the advantages of using “wood like” tiles. However, there are also disadvantages like the likelihood of retaining dust and dirt for “patterned” surfaced tiles. You do need to clean your floor frequently in order not to see black dirt accumulating over a period of time. In my personal opinion, its definitely better than using laminate floor. Hope that helps you.

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