My Kitchen

My kitchen

This is my current kitchen. It looks decent just like any other custom made kitchen cabinet. However, my wife did not really like it because it’s not the kitchen design that she wanted. She wanted a more English style kitchen cabinet with specific round nobs instead of handles. My contractor is unable to do it because his sub contractors did not have the materials and skills to do it. In the end, to complete the renovation quickly, we just choose something that is not what we wanted.

This is a common problem that many people will face when they signed the contract with a ID based on price. Most new home owner will not get the FULL designs of their renovation until the contract is signed and a deposit is paid. Anyway, the IDs are also afraid that after the designs are out, home owners will go to other cheaper sources and the IDs’ effort is wasted. Therefore, I personally think that it’s a good idea to pay for design service (eg $1000). In the end, your home design is not restricted by price and ability of the IDs. You can also use the design that you paid for to select a good contractor.

Actual condition of my kitchen

This is the actual condition of my kitchen. Most photographs that you see in the magazines and websites do not truly reflect the actual condition. The reason I could think of why I am unable to keep my kitchen in the condition just like the first photo is because of design and planning. If I had done a thoughtful INTERNAL design and planning of my kitchen cabinets, all the unnecessary stuffs like the cloth for drying hands will not be hanging on the handles of the cabinets, or my electrical crockery dryer would have replaced the unused custom made one, or a internal trash bin inbuilt into my cabinets instead of a external bins. If I could go back in time, I will make sure the laundry container will be in built as well. Look how ugly it is with my IKEA laundry containers in the middle of no where. Urrrggggg….

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