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As we are aware, sickness are transmitted either by touch or air-borne. This is especially inevitable for a children environment where virus and bacteria are passed to each other by touch or even a sneeze. We are proud to promote this effectively TiO2, a smartcoat to protect every single corner of ALL surfaces including the books, toys, cabinet, wall, ceilings, light fitting etc. This smartcoat will effectively DESTROY any harmful particles that fall on it. Hence greatly reduce the risk of illness transmission. This is proven to be effective for the common contagious illness of Hand Foot Mouth Disease as well.

This smartcoating is able to break down mould and aglae as well hence contributing savings to the maintenance and human resource. This in turn freshen up the air and it is a contributing point in the air quality test.

With this,

1) children’s health are protect
2) school’s operation will be least affected
3) Parents are confident and assured to send their children to your school.

Our company Nano Safe Pte Ltd promotes health and safety and we specialises in utilizing advance nanotechnology to create a clean environment for work, play and sleep. How does our technology work?

Below is a quick description of the mentioned smartcoat:

Smart Coat TiO2 Coating

TiO2 is a transparent liquid coating which can be coated to all surfaces , when coated and in the presence of visible light, the coated surface becomes an active disinfecting agent which keep the internal environment you are in, clean and germs free.The coating has lab tested efficacy of 99.999% eradication of harmful microbes upon contact. Every coat comes with at least 2 year durability ensuring you have a peace of mind year round knowing that your love ones or students are well protected against viruses, bacteria, mold, algae, fungi and dust mite. The coating also acts as an active deodorizing agent minimizing airborne contaminant and VOCs .

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Benefits of using TiO2 Coating:

1.Can be effectively coated to all teaching aids including toys, therefore ensuring maximum sterilize contact surface.
2.Minimize use of toxic disinfecting solvents, as all coated surface maintains a high level of sterilization just by wiping with a damp cloth.
3.Damage control, assuming outbreak of HFMD in establishment, due to our superior coating technology all surface can be effectively sterilize.



Where can you apply?

  • Car Interiors
  • Public Transportation
  • Cinemas
  • Homes
  • Hospitals and clinics
  • Hotels
  • Offices
  • Schools
  • Shopping Malls
  • Restaurants and Cafes

TiO2 application process


Current retail price: 0.80/sqft
Special promotional price for Vincent interior Blog’s readers: 20% disc

About the company

Nano Safe Pte Ltd
Address: 62, Ubi Road 2, Oxley BizHub, #03-07, Singapore 408734
Tel: +65 6743 6363
Fax: +65 6296 9647

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