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In the past, we used to know our contractors or  Interior Designers thru word of mouth, roadshows, newspaper or television advertisement.  However in this world wide web era where we can know everything by “googling” and getting the necessary information on renovation has been made fast, easy and convenient. There are many Interior Design portals that have surface in the market recently and I am invited to review one of them:

Information about

Ooork in cantonese means house or home. This Interior Designer portal basically display list of individual Interior Designers and their work. You can find details of each Interior Designer like contacts and photos of the renovation projects that he or she had work on. There are also a list of Interior Design Companies in Singapore.

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How can help you as a homeowner?

  • You get to see the pictures of the Interior Designers before you even meet them. At times, appearance does matter whether you can “click” with your Interior Designer. This also helps you to create the first impression of the Interior Designer that you will be working with for the coming weeks or months.
  • You get to know some details about the Interior Designers, like the company they work for (reputation matters), their experiences level, specialisation and languages spoken.
  • You can view some of their previous renovation projects which can determine whether their style matches yours.
  • There are also testimonials from their customers.

How to use to hire the right Interior Designer?

  • Look at each individual Interior Designers’ details. Their experiences and past projects photos are your best bet to determine the skills, knowledge and style which suits your requirement.
  • Shortlist three to five Interior Designers. Contact them to make an appointment.
  • Talk to the Interior Designers. Test their knowledge and understand how they work.
  • Select the one that suits your requirement.


This website is a better concept than many websites out there because it focus on individual Interior Designers and designs while most of the other websites only focus on price comparison. The website do features some reputable renovation companies and their Interior Designers in Singapore. Although at the moment their designers are mostly from two companies only, I am sure more will be added in time to come. If design and the person renovating your house are important to you, this can be the website to go to.

If you are a Interior Designer:

You can advertise at for free with their simple “create your profile” feature.


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