Practical and hygienic: Dish dryer is a must-have home appliance

Do you notice that you will always wash your crockery or utensils just before use even though they are clean? The cleaned tableware will usually collect dust after placing in the cabinet or dish dryer for a period of time. For those houses that infested with insects like cockroaches, the tableware might not even be clean after all. That is why most people will usually give them a fast rinse with water.

Pans and containers at dish drainer collecting dust!

In this post, I am recommending you the dish dryer from Panasonic. It is one of my favorite home appliances that I use everyday.

Panasonic Dish Dryer


  • Save water and money: There is no need for you to rinse your tableware just before use.
  • Hygienic and clean: It inhibits bacteria, fungus, dust and insects.
  • Dry tableware within minutes: It has a fast and simple drying function.
  • Easy maintenance and operation: Simple drains away the excess water and cleans the machine with a cloth. How complicated can it be? There is only one knob!
  • Cheap and lasting: It cost less than RM300 (about SGD100 – SGD130) and has been serving me well for the past 3 years without any problem. It still works without switching on the dryer. Just let your tableware dries by itself!

Dish dryer compared to dish drainer

The dish dryer looks perfect in my kitchen!

The only problem is that it is not available in Singapore. The nearest place you can get it is in Malaysia. There are also a couple of similar dish dryer from other brands. However, I think the one from Panasonic still looks the best. Whenever you are over at our friendly neighbour, do take a look at this amazing appliance at major electronic stores.

You can also visit Panasonic website for more details.

Panasonic Website

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