Punggol 4 Room HDB Renovation: Part 2 – Floor Plan / 3D Drawing / Quotation

In this part 2 of the post, I will be showing you:

  • Pre-renovation Discussion Process
  • Floor Plan
  • Full Renovation Details (quotation without price)
  • 3D Perspective Drawing

Pre-renovation Discussion Process

  • Site Visit: The Interior Designer will visit the actual site have a clearer picture of the whole renovation project.  With wealth of experience from renovating HDB flats like Interior Designer Ben Ng, he is able to advise the home owner on how and where to place the carpentry or furniture to maximise the utilisation of every inch of the house.  He can also advise on how to save money by advising the home owner to use certain material or reusing some of the old fixtures.  If you plan to hack part of the walls in the house, experienced Interior Designer can also advise on the hacking limits with 80%-90% accuracy subject to HDB or qualified building engineer (for condo) approval.  He is also able to identify any unexpected works that need to be carried out.  For example if your neighbour’s toilet above your floor is leaking water, he will try to get it fixed by coordinating with HDB.
  • Requirement Discussion: The next step is to understand about the homeowners’ wants, needs and requirements.  The Interior Designer will take note of all the details, including renovation budget and expectation.  This process can be very lengthy and tiring.  A detailed discussion is very important.  The Interior Designer is able to give you what you want when all criteria  are discussed.  A compromised discussion will generate undesirable designs and more time will be wasted.  Sign of a lousy Interior Designer:  He will keep rushing you on finalising the  details and not interested to understand your requirements.
  • Floor Plan & Quotation: After discussion, the Interior Designer will take generate a furnished floor plan with all your requirements as well as  a quotation with detailed works to be done.  A good layout plan and desired renovation quote will very much depend on the prior discussion and a Interior Designer with good “listening ears”.  There should be minimum adjustments to the details or minimum number of times the plan is adjusted.  If there are too many corrections or not to your requirements at all, you should reconsider if you really want to employ the service of the Interior Designer.  If you find yourself in the position where you are unable confirm the design or quotation with your Interior Designer after numerous meeting:  You might be the problem!   Ask yourself if you really know what you want?  If you don’t even know what you want, how do you expect the Interior Designer knows what you want? To be fair to your Interior Designer, do discuss with your partner what you guys really want!
  • 3D Perspective Drawing: After confirming on paper all the details, the Interior Designer will generate 3D perspective drawings of your home.  This will give you a better picture of the end product of the renovation.

Floor Plan And Proposed Layout of Punggol 4 Room HDB Renovation

Punggol 4A HDB Original Floor Plan

Punggol 4A HDB Proposed Layout Plan

  • You can get your original floor plan from HDB website using their e-Service: Purchase of  residential floor plan.  They will send the floor plan to your email after payment.

  • The Interior Designer will provide you with a overview of the renovation works on the floor plan.
  • The proposed layout displays the positioning of all the furnitures as well as the carpentry works.

Quotation And Renovation Work Details Punggol 4 Room HDB Renovation

Punggol 4 Room HDB Quotation and Renovation Work Details (Without price) 1

Punggol 4 Room HDB Quotation and Renovation Work Details (Without price) 2

Punggol 4 Room HDB Quotation and Renovation Work Details (Without price) 3

  • The quotation above displays very precise details of all renovation works, terms and conditions.
  • If you do not understand the details in your quotation, you must clarify with your Interior Designer or contractor.

3D Perspective Drawing of Punggol 4 Room HDB Renovation

BEHome Deign Concept Living Room 1 (3D Drawing)

BEHome Deign Concept Punggol 4 Room HDB Living Room 2 (3D Drawing)

BEHome Deign Concept Punggol 4 Room HDB Kitchen (3D Drawing)

BEHome Deign Concept Punggol 4 Room HDB Master Bedroom (3D Drawing)

BEHome Deign Concept Punggol 4 Room HDB Master Toilet (3D Drawing)

  • The 3D perspective drawings display even greater details of the renovation works.
  • It is especially useful for carpentry, tiling and painting works.
  • The 3D drawings ensure that your colour and design selections are up to your expectation.

Information about the Interior Designer:

Interior Designer Ben Ng

Name: Ben Ng

Experiences: working as a Interior Designer since 2006

Mobile: 9746 2581

Company: BEHome Design Concept

Website: http://www.behomedc.com/index.htm

Also see here for another of his master piece.

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9 Responses to “Punggol 4 Room HDB Renovation: Part 2 – Floor Plan / 3D Drawing / Quotation”

  1. wong wei jie

    Jan 07. 2014

    i would like to do a L shape cabinet with anti slam for my kitchen. L Box false ceiling with cove light, tv feature wall and tv console for my living room.L box false ceiling and flooring for my common bedroom. L box false ceiling, flooring and a sliding door wardrobe for my master bedroom. Sliding door shower screen for my bathrooms. my budget is 17k
    u can contact me by:

    email : wwj853@gmail.com
    phone : 97774906

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    • Vincent

      Jan 08. 2014

      Hi Wei Jie, it is very difficult for any ID or contractor to reply you without a floor plan. You also did not mention a lot of details like whether its a resale or BTO, etc. If you need help, do email me your floor plan. If you already have a quotation from a ID, you can email me that as well.


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  2. Charlotte

    May 20. 2014

    I bought a re-sale HDB at Bedok. It is 4 rooms flat. I don’t have the key yet, neither the floor plan.

    The condition of this flat is quite good for living. I need to paint the wall for 3 bed rooms and living room. The master room is a little bit squeezed, is there any possible to put in a king-size bed, and a working table?
    beside the rooms, i also want to do a small project for 2 bath rooms, such as the toilet bowl, and the shower area.

    if you think its doable, please email me to share you thought.


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    • Vincent

      Jun 01. 2014

      Hi Charlotte,

      1) I can’t comment on whether you can put a king size bed unless you know the size of your room. Usually a queen size bed will already take up a lot of space. A working table is also really difficult unless you do not have a wardrobe in the room.

      2) what is your small project for bathroom? hack and renovate? a rough estimate of renovating a toilet including average accessories is SGD$4000.

      Hope my information helps.

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  3. Fern

    Jun 08. 2014

    Hi Vincent,
    Not sure if u are aware, I am unable to view all the pictures in the post above. Have tried it on my iPad, android and PC.

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    • Vincent

      Jun 17. 2014

      Hi Fern, unfortunately, I do not have those pics already. Therefore I am unable to replace the pictures.

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  4. Mad8XT

    Aug 21. 2016


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  5. MaggiLow

    Aug 31. 2016


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  6. VampAdd

    Sep 17. 2016


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