How to renovate your BTO HDB yourself: Part 4 – Installing City Gas gas pipe

Installation of City Gas gas pipe must be done before the measurement of carpentry. Therefore it is one of the first step to renovate your HDB which you can do concurrently with the installation of aircon pipping.

Step by step guide

  1. Plan the location of your cooker hob and hood.
  2. Call City Gas and arrange for pipe installation appointment.
  3. City Gas pipe installed.
  4. After installation of kitchen cabinet and solid surface (kitchen top), call city gas to arrange for connection appointment.
  5. City Gas pipe connected to cooker hob.

How to arrange City Gas appointment (pipe installation or connection)

  1. You can call 1800 555 1661 (Easiest method)
  2. Fill in appointment form at

Screen Shot 2015-01-09 at 11.41.50 pm

What to instruct the City Gas installer

City Gas pipe-5

  1. Exact location of the cooker hob: It is good if you already have the plan of the kitchen carpentry like the one above. Measurement is also very important so that the gas pipe can be at the desired location (as drawn above).
  2. How to run the gas pipe: Usually the installer are very experienced. You can ask them for advises. Running of gas pipe is also quite standard in HDB. However, it is still good to understand how the gas pipe is run and ensure that the pipe does not obstruct any of your carpentry works.

How long is the process?

The whole installation process takes about 10 to 15 minutes. One thing to note is that you will be given a appointment block time of 2 hours (example 2pm to 4pm) Do make sure you have the time to wait for them as they may arrive any time between the allocation timing.

Cost and payment

You need not pay anything to the installer. City Gas will bill you in your next billing cycle. The cost is about $120.

Photos of the City Gas pipe installation

City Gas pipe-1

This is the overview of the gas pipe after being installed.

City Gas pipe-2

This is the City Gas outlet point that is already pre-installed by HDB.

City Gas pipe-3

This is the final connecting point that will be connected to your cooker hob.

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8 Responses to “How to renovate your BTO HDB yourself: Part 4 – Installing City Gas gas pipe”

  1. Dave

    Feb 08. 2015

    I do minimum cooking and plan to use an induction/ceramic cooker but may want to install a gas cooker in the future. Are there anything to look out for in this stage?

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    • Vincent

      Feb 17. 2015

      You can install the pipe first and not connect it. At least you are ready for the gas cooker. If you do not install now, you might need to dismantle your kitchen cabinet just to install the gas pipe. That is a big project.

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  2. Nhorman Walls

    May 15. 2015

    Gas pipe fittings must be purchased from a standard supplier. The reputation of the manufacturer determines the quality of the accessories. Avoid buying fittings based on prices; the lower the cost, the poorer the quality. Investing in crucial items is not a waste of money. Look for a good supplier by asking your trusted friends and family. The internet is also a useful tool in locating quality dealers for hosepipe fittings. Reading through customer feedback is also a useful way to determine the supplier. Ensure the manufacturer is certified and licensed for the trade.

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  3. Interior Design

    Jul 08. 2015

    This seems to be a tough job doing without your post in hand.

    Thanks for sharing it.

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  4. iris

    Nov 30. 2015

    I was thinking of having a open concept kitchen and is it advisable to install at the service yard for cooking to avoid the smell getting over the whole house in my 4 room bto.

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    • Vincent

      Dec 07. 2015

      Hi Iris,

      It really depends on the size of your service yard. However, for all new HDB, the service yard is too small. In addition to that, if the smoke gets into your neighbour house, they can complaint against you. Build a kitchen door with a good cooker hood is a better choice.

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  5. Ng Yoke Wah

    Dec 15. 2015

    Sorry, i have forget to tell this bank loan is for my new BTO ,3 room for only kitchen cabinet. Tks.

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  6. Dawn

    Nov 27. 2016

    If I do up the gas pipe first, can I still do kitchen cabinet to hide the pipes?

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