Renovating your toilet / bathroom: Floor Trap

Yes my readers!  I am talking about floor trap.  It might seems as a very small issue to you.  However, I feel that a nice floor trap can make a difference to the appearance of your bathroom!

The standard floor trap that most contractors or interior designers will install is the PVC plastic floor trap.  Even HDB provide only PVC plastic floor trap for brand new HDB flats. I think it looks really ugly and cheap. This kind of PVC plastic floor trap can be found in any hardware shop for less than $10 each.

PVC Plastic Floor Trap

If you are spending $20,000 or more to renovate your house, what is another few more dollars to change to a stainless steel floor trap? My suggestion is that you can request your interior designer or contractor to include the stainless steel floor trap before you sign the renovation contract. It does not cost much to install one anyway.

Stainless Steel Floor Trap (Small)

Stainless Steel Floor Trap (Big)

Don’t the stainless steel floor traps look better than the PVC plastic one?  The above stainless steel floor traps in the pictures are really basic in design.  There are many better quality and design floor traps that you can install.  They can come in different shapes and designs.  How good you want your floor trap or your bathroom to look depends on how much you are willing to pay.  The pictures below display the different stainless steel floor trap you can have in your bathroom.

Stainless Steel Floor Trap 1

Stainless Steel Floor Trap 2

Stainless Steel Floor Trap 3

I found 2 companies that sell floor traps.  Look at their product lists for more floor trap designs.






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    Do Jonite and snowy entertain walk-ins? I just want to buy one.

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