Renovation documents: Detailed paperwork by PLUS Interior Design

Different interior designers or interior design companies provide different types of documentation for their customers. In this post, I will show you how this particular company sets a very high standard of customer satisfaction by providing very detailed quotation, perspectives, floor plan, carpentry measurement,schedule and warranty letter to their customers. The following pictures also show the process flow of a renovation by PLUS Interior Design.

Renovation document samples by PLUS Interior Design

The above is the proposed layout that display all the carpentry locations and furniture. If there is hacking of wall or building of new partition, it will also be indicated in the proposed layout.
The above is the proposed ceiling plan with all the lightings and false ceiling indicated.
The 2 pictures above are the 3D perspectives displaying the carpentry works and the overall feel of after renovation.
The contract will shows details of the works done.
The schedule will show all the works that will be carried out each day.
After signing of contract, more 3D perspectives will be generated.
The above diagrams show the measurement of each and every carpentry works.
After the renovation is completed, a letter of completion and warranty will be given.

Why is a detailed renovation documentation important to you?

  1. Good paperwork is an indication of good renovation works – if the interior designer can put in the effort to prepare a good renovation paperwork, you can be assured that he will put in as much effort to organize and renovation your home. Even with a standard template, it will still takes a lot of time and thinking to prepare. This shows how serious and detailed Plus Interior Design towards their work right from the start.
  2. Good paperwork let you know what you will be getting and what is happening for the whole renovation period – want to know how your house will look like after renovation? Just look at the perspectives. Want to know what is happening on the 3rd week of the renovation, just look at the schedule. Want to know how big is your master bedroom wardrobe, just look at the carpentry measurement. You know what you are paying for right from the start.
I asked Elton Ang, director of PLUS Interior Design why does his company provides such a detailed paperwork as compared to others. His reply was professionalism. He and his colleagues want to present themselves as the professionals that homeowners can trust right from the start. If I am his customer, I am sure I will feel very assured about my money as well as the renovation.
Documentation provided by your interior designer is similar to the certificates, box and warranty card that you get after buying a Rolex watch. It completes the renovation works and service provided by the Interior Designer.

Information about the Interior Designer


Name: Elton Ang

Experiences: working as a Interior Designer since 2000 and he is the director of PLUS Interior Design.

Mobile: 9004 4006

Company: PLUS Interior Design


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