Renovation during peak period (3 months before Chinese New Year)

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Are you renovating your home so that it can be ready before Chinese New Year? If you are the homeowner that I am talking about, this post about renovation during peak period (3 months before Chinese New Year) that I am writing can be useful to you. There are a few reasons why I am writing this post:

  • Preferred IDs Overloaded: All my preferred IDs are overloaded with enquiries and projects at the moment. Many of my readers’ projects or enquiries cannot be fulfilled.
  • Market flooded with new houses: HDB has released many keys during this period (October, November and December) which flood the renovation market with many houses to renovate.
  • Peak period: 3 months before Chinese New Year is usually the peak period for the Singapore renovation industry. Many homeowners are hopping to complete their renovation in time for the Chinese New Year. With all the IDs in the market overloaded with projects and enquiries, it might be tough to meet the Chinese New Year deadline.
  • I want to help you: I want to help all my readers to meet the Chinese New Year deadline. At the same time, I am going to advise you on some comment issues that is going to happen when you renovate your house during peak period.

Common issues when renovating or seeking renovation during peak period

  1. Renovation finishing: Most of Singapore’s renovation skilled workforces come from Johor. The skilled carpenters, tilers, painter, plumbers, electricians, etc are limited. The surge in jobs means the limited skilled workforces have to complete more jobs in a shorter period of time. Work can never be perfect when done such a short period. Therefore, you must be prepared that there will be more ratifications than usual after your renovation.
  2. Slower responses from the interior designers: You will realise that the interior designers are taking a long time to response to your enquiries. This is due to their heavy workload during this period.
  3. Weaker bargaining power: When there are plenty of jobs out there, IDs will usually go for the jobs with higher margin or those that are willing to sign on the spot. During normal period, IDs are more willing to negotiate because jobs are limited.

Insider information

After Chinese New Year, many of the sub-contractors are raising their prices. This also means higher renovation cost from next year (2014) onwards.

Current situation of my preferred IDs.

  • BEhome Design Concept has confirmed that he is unable to accept any more jobs that needs to be completed before the 2014 Chinese New Year. However, they are accepting jobs that start after Chinese New Year.
  • PLUS Interior Design has limited slots available for projects that are to be completed before Chinese New Year. They are still able to do your renovation (for completion before 2014 Chinese New Year) if you are able to confirm with them before mid of November 2013. All renovation jobs after 2014 Chinese New Year are welcome to enquire.

Address: Blk 510, Bedok North Street 3, #01-05, Singapore 460510
Tel: 6445 2131 / 9746 2581
Email: (Primary Contact, address to Ben)

Address: Vertex, 33 Ubi Ave 3, #02-21, Singapore 408868
Tel: 6296 9644 / 9004 4006

Those who need help for renovation before 2014 Chinese New Year

In order to help those who wish to complete their renovation by 2014 Chinese New Year, I will be seeking help from other interior designers from other companies to assist with the demand. Do take note that a full scale renovation can takes up to 6 to 8 weeks depending on job scopes. You can fill in the form below so that I can assist you as much as I can.

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