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There are thousand and one IDs around, so selecting one is not an easy task. First wrong step and you will have a mesirable 2 months ( during of the renovation) or years (the period which you will be staying in the house) ahead. Most people especially renovation first timer do not understand this. For those who had experiences, especially bad ones, you will understand what I mean. Here are some rules that can guide you to a good ID.

First rule, do not go for IDs that offer you cheap prices! As the saying goes “you pay peanuts, you get monkey”. Nothing is for free. If the price is 30% to 50% cheaper than most competitors, don’t you think something fishy is going on? I once saw a posting regarding a couple paying just $10k (which usually cost more than $20k) for renovating 1 kitchen, 2 toilets, tile the whole whole house living room and change all windows. In the end, the so call ID could not deliver and disappear with the deposit.

Secondly, look for referred IDs. Referred IDs give you more confidence because they had been employed by your friends or relatives before. You can use their homes and experiences as guide to what quality of finishing to expect, the services that they provide and whether they can meet deadline. You will already know more about the IDs before you even meet them. It is way better than just going into a ID showroom without any knowledge.

Thirdly, physically see the past projects of the IDs. When IDs show you their previous projects (meaning home visiting), do ask the home owners about their experiences. If they can tell you many good points about the ID, you are most likely in good hands. The more feedback you get, the better it is. Don’t just see the renovated home on the macro views, go into micro details. Example, look at the grout lines of the tiling, the finishing works of the painting or the carpentry. If they look really rough and you don’t feel comfortable with the finishing, the ID is not for you. This is because those uncomfortable finishings will be what you will be getting.

Fourthly, test the IDs’ knowledge. Ask the IDs questions when in doubt. For example, what the different between homogeneous tiles and ceramic tiles. Knowledgable and experience IDs will be able to answer your questions without any hesitation. Just a few basic questions and you will know how good the ID is. You need not be a rocket scientist to ask them questions. Just ask things that you do not know or understand.

The fifth rule that you might consider is character of the IDs. A detailed and well-organized ID is very important to having a problem-free renovation. To identify these IDs, a good way is to notice the way they do their presentations the presentation materials and their dressing. This kind of IDs are usually perfectionist. Anything less than perfect is acceptable to them. They are also very passionate about their job. If you can get their service, your dream home is just in sight.

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  1. HELMI

    Dec 01. 2014

    Hi there Vincent…… How do i contact you personally..? I just came by this blog of yours by accidentally and I wish to know more about renovation matters. Please do email me back because I do have some questions to ask.

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    • Vincent

      Dec 01. 2014

      Hi Helmi, you can also ask the question here but posting on the comment. I will reply the comment. By post your questions here, all the other readers can learn from your questions as well. However if your questions get too personal, then you can email me at vincentinteriorblog@gmail.com.

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