Review: Starhub vs ViewQuest fibre broadband

Internet connection may not be a part of renovating a home but it is still an important part to complete a home. I recently have the chance to experience the fibre broadband services from both local internet providers: Starhub and ViewQuest. And I hope that my review is able to help you in your decision making when selecting your internet provider.

Speed Test

During my transition from Starhub to ViewQuest fibre broadband, I get to use both internet service at the same time. I used (the most common way to test the speed of the internet connect) to test the speed of both internet service provider.

Starhub fibre broadband speed test

My Starhub 150Mbps fibre broadband connection shows a download speed of 145Mbps and upload speed of 142Mbps. However, this speed might not be accurate for those homeowners who use Starhub’s default router. It used to be 60% of the speed until I changed to my own router (Linksys EA6900 AC1900 router).

ViewQuest fibre broadband speed test

My ViewQuest 600Mbps fibre broadband connection shows a download speed of 185Mbps and upload speed of 219Mbps. The speed test is based on ASUS RT-N56U router (ViewQuest default router)

Based on this 2 speed tests comparison, it seems that Starhub’s internet speed is closer to what they claims their internet speed is (based on the plan that you purchased). As for ViewQuest, I can only get about 33% of the claimed speed.

BitTorrent Test

I tried to use download a 1GB file (name A with many seeds) using Stahub internet connection. The maximum speed it can reach is about 1.5 to 2 MB/s. Using the same 1GD file (name A) using ViewQuest internet connection, the maximum speed can reach is also about 1.5 to 2 MB/s.

In the end, there is really not much difference in term of speed for BitTorrent download. I do not know the reason why but I can only assume that the source of the download file still decide the download speed.

Freedom to access online streaming websites

Starhub definitely has more restrictions which include accessing Netflix, Hulu, PPTV, etc while ViewQuest allows access to the restricted sites using VPN. However, the VPN provided by ViewQuest is also not fully restriction free because there are still some websites that are not accessible.


For 500Mbps fibre broadband, Starhub is offering a 2 years contract at $59.90 per month. If you are a Hub Club member (meaning subscripting to Starhub’s cable TV and mobile services), there is an additional 5% discount. As for ViewQuest 600Mbps fibre broadband, it is priced at $65 per month with a additional of $10.70 per month for the Freedom VPN.

Media entertainment

ViewQuest comes with a Android ViewQuest TV free. It is quite useful for viewing streaming content.

Improve your internet speed (for both Starhub and ViewQuest)

All you need to do is to use a better router rather than the default one provided by the service providers. Below is the speed test after I switch to my own router instead of the one provided by ViewQuest. The download speed increase from 185Mbps to 323Mbps and upload speed increase from219Mbps to 315Mbps. Thats a almost 50% improvement in speed if you use a better router.

ViewQuest fibre broadband speed test 2


I am actually disappointed when I did not see any improvement in the BitTorrent download speed (for ViewQuest) because I thought I can download a file at 20 to 30 MB/s. I do not see or feel (as a user) any vast different in internet connection speed between the 2 providers. Only the speed test shows a difference. As for content access, ViewQuest is definitely better than Starhub because of the VPN (with some degree of restricted access). When it comes to pricing, both is quite similar.

If you are a normal user  with no intention of accessing oversea streaming websites, you should sign up with Starhub internet because you can go for the 300Mbps plan at $49.90 which is more than sufficient for most users. You get further discounts as a hub club member (Starhub cable TV and mobile subscriber).

If you want oversea streaming content, then ViewQuest is for you. You have the choice whether to pay for the VPN.

Hopes my review helps and if you do wish to share your experiences, you can drop a comment below. I would really appreciated it.

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5 Responses to “Review: Starhub vs ViewQuest fibre broadband”

  1. Jet

    Feb 02. 2015

    Hi, did you have the chance to compare streaming on international sites? Any difference or lagging?
    Can you share which brand/router you are using?
    Appreciate your advice. Thanks!

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    • Vincent

      Feb 17. 2015

      I don’t find any different when I stream on international website. I stream netflix using VPN (Google Chrome – Halo) on Starhub 300Mbps fiber broadband. It feels exactly the same as I use ViewQuest 600Mbps. I am using Linksys AC1900 for my ViewQuest.

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  2. Renovation Singapore

    Jul 08. 2015

    Thanks for the details. I was facing issues with my internet connection but your post solved a lott.

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  3. Maddie

    Mar 12. 2016

    Hi, may I know what router did you use and how much did it cost you? Thanks!

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