Are you getting your keys to your new home? Are you looking for a Interior Designer to renovate your new home? You have come to the right place.

Many of my readers recently asked me about their renovation quotations and whether I have any recommendation or suggestions for them.  Therefore I have decide to come up with a free service for all my readers.

Home owner who wishes to engage a reliable and good Interior Designer.

Here are the details I need:

  • Quotation from your interior designer if you have  (You can scan or take pictures using your phone camera.  If you are using phone camera, I need the quotation to be legible)
  • Floor plan
  • 3D perspective if you have (I doubt you will have one as no interior designer will give you one for free unless you paid for it)
  • Any other requirements, requests or add-on (deadline for renovation, when to start work, budget, etc) 

What you need to do after getting all the information from me

  • Do you own comparison and check the interior design companies’ websites
  • Meet up with the interior designers for more discussion and site visits
  • Decide which interior designer’s services to employ

Terms of use

  • No string attached or any fine prints.  Using Vincent Interior Blog’s service does not come with conditions.  User need not use the suggested interior designers.  User need not pay Vincent Interior Blog a single cents as this service is free of charge.
  • No commission is involved if user choose to employ the services of the suggested interior designers.  User can be assured that he/she is getting the best price for their renovation.  Employment of the suggested interior designer is solely user’s discretion.
  • Vincent Interior Blog will not be involved in any of user’s renovation works.  Vincent Interior Blog has nothing to do with any interior designers or companies.  This free service solely helps user to get connected to good interior designers.