Singapore carpentry: What can you do?

Carpentry is usually the most important part of all renovation works. It creates the desired design and feel for the house. The moment someone steps into a newly renovated home, carpentries will be the first to capture one’s eyes. Because this is a very big topic, I have broken it up into a few parts, which I will post separately.

Living Room


Divider – Homeowners who prefer privacy will like the idea of a divider near the main door. There are also some who believe that a divider can improve the Feng Shui of their houses.

Shoe Cabinet & Settee

Shoe cabinet and settee – Shoe management is made easy. Some shoe cabinet also include easy access storage area for keys, wallets or other daily used stuffs.

TV Feature Wall & Console

TV feature wall with console – The purpose is to create a beautiful area for the TV and other entertainment systems. In addition to that, it also helps to conceal all the unsightly wires.

Feature wall

Feature wall – It is used by many homeowners to beautify the empty area which otherwise look dull and plain. In some cases, it is being used to conceal some area for example the bomb shelter). In the above picture on the left, the bomb shelter is concealed using solid plywood with laminate.


Kitchen cabinets

Kitchen cabinets – A customized kitchen cabinets will help to maximise the storage space as compared to prebuilt cabinets. This is



Wardrobes – There are many prebuilt wardrobes available in the market but nothing will come close to custom-made wardrobes. In addition to hundred of colours to choose from, the internal configuration of the wardrobe can be changed to suit all needs and wants.

Study table

Study or dressing table – Suitable tables (size, colour and design) that match the bedroom’s furniture or design theme can be difficult to find. Custom-made tables can be a good solution.

Bed head and frame

Bed head, frame and side tables – If you have some extra money with a spacious bedroom, custom-made bed head, frame with side table is strongly recommended. All the unsightly wires can be hidden within the wood works with all the useful accessories (reading lights, switches for charging mobile phones, etc.) available to you right at your bed.


Vanity – It is basically a storage area under the bath basin. Without the vanity, the area under the basin will most likely be unutilised.


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  1. Alan Goh

    Aug 17. 2013

    Carpentry is indeed the first home feature to capture the interest and wonder of both the home owners themselves (especially when their new home has completed renovation works) and their visitors/guests alike. Quality woodwork never ceases to amaze and add wonderment to one’s home. 😉

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  2. ksyyy

    May 18. 2016

    maybe you wanna check this out: kitchen cabinet carpenter singapore

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