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There are many websites online dealing with interior designs or renovation.  However, there are not many that are practical or applicable to Singapore context.  In my search for good websites regarding interior designs for homeowners living in Singapore, I really could not find a perfect or complete website that has all the information that a homeowner need.  There are a few of them that do have pieces of information which can help homeowners in their understanding about renovation in Singapore.


I like this blog because there are many real photos on renovated homes. This blog even show before and after renovation which is useful for many homeowners. However, this blog belongs to a interior design company which is means the renovation works and pictures only come from one company. As a homeowner, I would preferred to see different works from different companies so that I can compare.


This is a forum that Singapore homeowners and interior designers discuss about renovation.  The forum is active with discussions on topics on ID companies and renovation works.  I find some of the discussions quite valid and useful.  However, this forum is too messy and full of google advertisements.   You might have problem navigating the website.

This forum is consider the most popular and active forum in Singapore renovation industry. The website of Renotalk consist of a blog and and lot of advertisements. It also won awards from Hitwise.  The strength of Renotalk is it’s forum.  A lot of homeowners share their ideas and comments on the forum.  Quite a few interior designers also share their views too.  You might be able to post and find some useful solutions to your renovation problems on the forum.

What this forum is trying to do is very interesting.  They have listed out many interior design companies hoping that people will comment.  However, the respond is pretty low.  There are some postings with photos from the ID companies themselves which make the forum more relevant.  There are also some discussions regarding renovation between some homeowners and interior designers.

This is a forum not just on renovation but a on many topics e.g. wedding.  However, because their members are mostly getting married or married, renovation or interior design become relevant to them.  Therefore, they have quite a few discussions on renovation which can be helpful to homeowners.  Renovation discussions can be found under “Home and Deco” of the forum.

This is a forum discussing about renovation as well.  However, the discussion traffic is still weak but I see a potential in the site.

This is a forum meant for residents of Pinnacle @ Duxton.  There is a discussion section on Home and Decor which is about renovation and home maintenance.  Some of their discussions can be valid or helpful to homeowners when it comes to renovation.


The website is a advertising site for local interior design companies.  They do frequently add some articles which might be of interest to you.  I do like their ID company advertisements.  Reasons is because of the photos they have.  Nine companies and more than 20 photos each, this means there are many interior design photos for homeowners to see and use it as a suggestions for your renovation.

This website is also a renovation advertising site for interior design companies.  I do like the photos in there.  Other than photos of renovated homes from interior design companies, there are no other information about renovation.

What does these site means to you?

  1. You can get information about some ID companies and interior designers. Who to avoid, who is good, etc.
  2. Information on recommended electricians, plumbers or aircon technicians can be helpful to you in times of need.
  3. Discussions on potential problems faced by you during your renovation.  Learning from these discussions can help you to minimise the chances or prevent you from making the same mistake again.
  4. Those websites with a lot of photos provide you with free ideas and latest trend information on how you can renovate your home.
  5. These are the sites where you can do your homework before engaging a interior designer to renovate your dream home.

Happy reading.


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  1. Fen

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