Singapore Furniture: Beautiful wood products by Herman Furniture

There are many furniture showrooms in Singapore and in this post, I am going to introduce one furniture company that stand out from the rest.

Herman Furniture sells solid wood furniture made out of Teak, Suar, Tamarind and Rosewood. Most of their furniture is unique in design because each piece of wood that is used to make the furniture is unique by itself (in term of wood grain and size). Their furniture are manufactured in Singapore and countries of origin of the wood.

What I like about Herman Furniture

  1. Good craftsmanship – Every piece of their product has really good and detailed finishing.
  2. Unique and beautiful design – While most of the similar retailers sell only traditionally designed furniture, Herman has a good mix of traditional and modern. Their designer, Adrian who is also a partner of the company, designs really interesting and unique furniture that impressed me.
  3. Customization – They can manufacture furniture to your preferred design, or size (specially to fit HDB). They can also modify their existing model to your requirements.
  4. Excellent after-sales services – Guaranteed to repair or replace any faulty parts, etc. This is another of their service to ensure customer satisfaction!

Media coverage of designer, Adrian

Other products and accessories

  • Granite, marble and petrified wood basins
  • Bamboo and rattan lamp
  • Portray

Herman Furniture showroom

I really like the teak wood table. Its elegant design comes with a great function where you can store miscellaneous stuffs under the glass top.

The teak woods come in big pieces which can be cut into smaller pieces to suit different customers’ requirements.

Almost all products are unique.

I like this one too! The frame of the painting is made from railway track.

You can also get custom made portray (just like the Michael Jackson picture) made with stones by providing Herman Furniture with your picture.

Lego inspired furniture design by Adrian.

I like this Beachboy table too. You can also replace the sand with something else like coloured beans or add some sea shells.


Some of their excellent products and the retail price

This is to give you a guide on the price range of their product. Their products ranges from $250-$20,000 depending on design and size.

All Vincent Interior Blog readers are entitled to an exclusive 15% discount on all their products except for promotional items!

Basic O dining table: $5,500

Teak console: $2,200

Stella: $2,600

Teak root coffee table: $1,200

Chair: $280

Beachboy table: $650

Standing lamp: $890

Location and contact


Website: (more pictures on their products and new arrival!)


Dianne  :  +65 9694 0740    |    Adrian  :  +65 9845 1885

Opening Hours  :  Mon ~ Sat  :  12 pm ~ 8 pm.    |    Sun  :  12 pm ~ 7 pm.

Visit Herman Furniture or their website today! Alternatively, you can give Dianne or Adrian a call for more information. Remember to mention Vincent Interior Blog for your exclusive 15% discount and priority services!

Vincent Interior Blog does not get commission or any monetary reward from Herman Furniture. Therefore you can be assured that you are getting the best possible price for the quality products!

As always, Vincent Interior Blog is always bring you the best deal!

Herman Furniture is a preferred partner of Vincent Interior Blog.

All pictures and video contributed by Herman Furniture.

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  1. Samuel

    Jul 08. 2014

    Great post. Thanks for sharing luxurious collection of furniture in Singapore.

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  2. I really liked the furniture pieces especially the criss cross table. Kudos to your work!

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  3. Denise

    Nov 29. 2016

    There is another place you should check out for similar furniture. their designs are nice and easier on the pockets (especially on current economic times).

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