Singapore Interior Shopping Street: Balestier Road Part 1 (featuring Lightings)

In Singapore, everyone goes to Orchard Road for shopping.  If you want to shop for interior products and services, Balestier Road is one of the place to go.  Today I am going to give you a preview of the Balestier Road.

Lighting Shops

There are so many lighting shops in just Balestier Road along.  I took pictures of almost all except for a few which the pictures did not turn out well.

So what does having so many lighting shops means to you?

  • Usually your Interior Designer (ID) will bring you to the regular lighting shops that they frequent.  IF your ID is good and honest, then you should just go for his recommendations, not just because its his duty to but also he is the one that designs your house!
  • Spending a day along Balestier Road at these lighting shops will improve your knowledge about lighting.  Many of them are willing to help and explain about the different lightings available.  You will know which lighting suits your needs and which shop gives the best value (saving you thousands of dollars).
  • All prices for lightings are negotiable.  20% discount is normal.  The more you buy, the better the discount.
  • Its advisable to get all lightings (unless the special ones that you die die must have) from one shop because when there is a problem, you know you only need to go back to that shop instead of many.
  • One shop that I want to highlight is CHAN HUAT LIGHTING PTE LTD.  They are one of the biggest lighting shop in Balestier Road or maybe Singapore.  They have many shops just in Balestier along.  Their staff strength is also larger than most.  The price of their lighting is so much lower than most lighting shops even without negotiation.  They are STILL available for negotiation!  You might get a good bargain from there!  Because they are really big, their varieties are pretty good as well.  However, once you are in the shop, it just doesn’t not give you the high end feeling.  So if you are looking to spend big money, this shop is not for you.  Other than that, the quality is pretty good and the products suit most households.
  • The other shop that I want to talk about is LUMIERE.  Their lighting is very much more expensive than others.  They do have pretty good designs and you need to pay good money for good designs and quality.

Happy shopping at Balestier!

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