Singapore Interior Shopping Street: Balestier Road Part 2 (featuring Curtains, Doors, Furniture, Tiles, Wardrobe, Aircon)

In this part 2 of Singapore Interior Shopping Street at Balestier Road, I am going to show you the other shops that are involved in renovation a house.

Furniture Showrooms



One Living Room

Mattress Center

  • There are only a few furniture shops in Balestier.  If you are furniture shopping, Balestier is not the place to go.  I would rather go to Furniture Mall for price comparison and design choices.
  • However, if you are going to be there, do just visit these shops.  I have never visit these shops before so I have no information about their price and design.  You might find something you like there.  Do take note of their prices and design by taking catalog, product ID and prices.  It will be helpful for your decision making when you are ready to buy.

Tiles Showrooms

Lian Seng Hin

Hup Kiong



White Horse Ceramic

  • There are a few major tiles shop in Balestier.  The 2 popular tiles shops that many interior designers frequent is Hafary and Lian Seng Hin.   Both shops sells really nice and trendy tiles which suits the younger generations.  Their variety is also very wide.  You can see how popular they are by looking at the crowd they have at their stops!
  • White Horse Ceramic seems interesting to me.  I have not visit the showroom before but I think they could have very interesting tiles that can be used as feature wall.  Do see my post on common tiles used for more information on ceramic tiles.
  • Different companies have different tiles designs.  Do visit them for variety selection.  However, if you are too lazy to visit so many tiles showroom, Hafary and Lian Seng Hin should be good enough.

Wardrobe Showroom

Closet Design

  • Closet Design specialized in wardrobe.  I must admit that they have very impressive wardrobe design.  From their website, I really like their wardrobe design, especially how they design the internal of the wardrobe.  Not many IDs can match that.  If you are really particular about wardrobe and have BIG budget, this is the company for you.
  • Advantages: Good visual and functional design.  You will definitely get the WOW effect!
  • Disadvantages: I presume it should be more expensive than the other IDs in the market.  Top design requires top price tag.  If you are renovating the whole house, I think you will have a problem.  You will not get economies of scale for getting a ID and using Closet Design.  Coordination will also be a problem.  You will need to handle 2 of them at the same time.  You other carpentry works (Kitchen, TV feature, etc) will not match your wardrobe.  Conflicts might also occur.  Example if your laminated floor is damaged, who is supposed to pay for the replacement?
  • No harm visiting the showroom for design ideas!   How I wish my wardrobe is done by them!

Door Installation Showroom

  • PDdoor sells really interesting doors.  After seeing their website, I am impressed with how the toilet door can operate.  It is a local production.  As always, good products come with a higher price.
  • Bi-fold doors suggested by most ID will not have such functions.  If you really want the door, I suggest that you discuss with your ID about it.
  • Visiting the showroom will give you an idea how many door alternatives you can have!

Curtains Showrooms



  • I do not really have any idea or info about curtains or these shops.
  • Taking a visit is not harm if you are there.


Creation Aircon

  • I don’t not have any information about this small independent air condition retail shop.  However, according to the industry insider, Gain City sells the cheapest aircon.
  • I bought a few air conditionings from Gain City and they deliver without problem.
  • I really cannot figure out any reason why I would buy air conditioning from these small independent shops.

Thats all for today.  Part 3 of Balestier Road will be coming soon.  Please email me at or add a comment if you have something which you would like to contribute!  Thanks for reading!


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