Singapore Interior Shopping Street: Balestier Road Part 4 (featuring Interior Design Companies)

This is the last part of the Balestier Road blog.  I hope the previous 3 have been helpful to you.

Interior Design Companies

  • Among the many Interior Design Companies along Balestier Road, ArtrendHomesuccess and Unimax Creative have been the more established and well-known.  If you want established ID company, then these 3 is the one to go.
  • What does posters showing discounted prices or packages means to you?  In my opinion, it means nothing to you.  Reason is because you will not just do one thing (e.g. fix 1 kitchen cabinet) in a renovation.  There are still piping works, electrical works, flooring, etc.  Companies can make losses on 1 item but will need to charge higher price on other items.  No company will sell for a lost.  The same applies for packages.  I don’t fancy packages unless you know what every items in the package mean.
  • What to do before visiting these ID companies at Balestier?  1) Floor Plan (no floor plan, there is basically nothing much to talk about) 2) Have a budget.  Do decide about the amount that you and your family members or partner is willing to spend.  Decide an amount that is realistic and affordable. 3) The person who will ultimately decide on the design (e.g. please don’t waste your or the IDs’ time by going alone when your spouse is the final design decision-maker).  Discussion is more fruitful when the decision maker is around. 4) Have the start and end date for the renovation.  If you are not urgent to move in, then this is less important. 5) Other informations which is useful: who will be living in the house (old folks, children ,disable person, etc), any particular design that you really like and wish to have (e.g. old country style kitchen cabinets).
  • What to expect when visiting these ID companies? 1) you will need to spend a lot of time (can be more than 1hour) with each ID.  Discussion will be lengthy because the ID need to understand your requirements etc.  Not mentioning that you will be visiting more than 1 ID company. 2) You might not meet the best Interior Designer from each company.  E.g. you might meet the most junior Interior Designer from Artrend or the laziest from Homesuccess.  The Interior Designer that has the first contact with you will usually handle your business.  3) You will not finalize on which Interior Designer to engage on your first meeting. 4) You will not know the final renovation price on your first meeting.
  • Which ID companies should you go to and how many?  My suggestion is 2 well known and 2 less known companies (meaning this 4 companies is in your final consideration and you will meet them for the 2nd and 3rd discussion).  This will give you a good mix of companies for you to choose from.  As for which ID companies to go to, simply do some homework by surfing their websites.  Choose the few that you would like to go to.  This will save you some time and effort.  In my opinion, first impression counts.  A sloppy website means sloppy company.  The rest is up to you to decide.
  • How do you compare and which Interior Designer to choose? 1) Good attitude 2) Good service 3) Good finishing works 4) Eye for details 5) Reasonable price (I am a person who do not believe in paying design fee.  Why must I pay design fee while other companies are providing the service FOC?).

Website of the ID companies in Balestier

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  1. Chris

    Oct 24. 2012

    Got a few more new ID shop in balestier, I think you need to update.

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    • admin

      Oct 24. 2012

      Hi Chris,

      Thanks for visiting my blog and the comment. I will check out Balestier and do a update. Cheers!

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