Singapore Interior Shopping Street: Balestier Road Part 3 (featuring Sanitary Accessories)

For the part 3 of this topic,  I am going to show you is the sanitary accessories showrooms along Balestier Road.

Sanitary Accessories Showroom

  • Balestier Road also gathers many sanitary accessories sellers.  There are a few big companies as well as some smaller ones.  The biggest and well-known among them (I guess) is Sim Siang Choon.
  • Sim Siang Choon has pretty good design accessories.  I did visit their big showroom at Bukit Timah Road before.  Their products are on the higher side.  As for their quality, I am not very sure but should be quite good because of their reputation.  However, most of their products are in-house brand.  Seriously, if their price is comparable to big foreign brands like TOTO or Grohe, which one will you buy?  I will leave that decision to you.
  • Adamas sells many different brands of sanitary accessories.  However, if you are looking for top brands, this is not the shop for you.  They have many made in China products which make the price affordable.  If you are on a tight budget, do take a look at this shop.
  • Home and Bathroom is one of the more outstanding sanitary accessories sellers.  The reason is because they are the only one that clearly advertise premium foreign brands accessories outside their showroom.  From their website, they show that they are authorized dealers for all the premium foreign brands.  As a dealer, there is a good chance that their price is negotiable.  If you want premium brands accessories, I think this is the place to go to.
  • Taking a apartment with 3 bedroom as a guide, If you have a budget of $3500 for sanitary accessories (there are many things that you need to buy, please ask your ID for advise), I think Adamas and some of the smaller shops are more suitable for you.  If you have a budget of $7000 and above, then top brands are within your reach.
  • Do take a look at my previous blog on Bathroom Accessories on the differences between a lousy and good ones.

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  1. Justin

    Jan 23. 2014

    Hi Vincent, i have been reading your website, its really very very + super useful website. i just love it ! Btw, the link for “Bathroom Accessories’ is restricted. could you kindly allow the access? Thank you.

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    • Vincent

      Jan 28. 2014

      Hi Justin, thank you for the comment. I have checked the link regarding “Bathroom Accessories”.It seems to be working fine from my side. Maybe you can provide me the full link address so that I can check on it?

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  2. Brenda

    Apr 24. 2014

    I’m also unable to access the Bathroom Accessories site via the link in on this page.
    Could you help me access the page? Thank you.

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