Successful Tips for Inexpensive Home Renovation


Successful Tips for Inexpensive Home Renovation
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In today’s post, I will be featuring a post from Julia who is a professional writer from USA. I really appreciate her time for writing this article regarding home renovation just for Vincent Interior Blog’s readers. Because the content is USA based, I will be adding some of my own points so that Singapore homeowners can apply the Julia’s tips.

Any home renovation project needs hard work and dedication and still there are some mistakes made by homeowners as they are not professionals who can handle each and everything rightly. If you are familiar with dos and don’ts before home renovation, it will be fruitful practice that makes you successful and also limits expenses as well. Certain points you consider before entering into home renovation project and all such thinking revolves around your head till the end of process. Here we are defining simplest tips anyone can follow ahead of home renovation to reduce total cost and emerge out as successful person by the end of day.

Proper planning ahead of startup

You can delay interruptions in procedures by proper planning ahead of startup. It is necessary to evaluate and differentiate things necessary for home renovation and you should play with ideas which can be fruitful in terms of successful home renovation. Material selection will be the key factor you should consider before starting home renovation as it takes a hell of a time and you don’t want interruptions that destroy your anticipation of time managing and money saving practices. make sure you include all necessary expenses in your planning to get a clear view of the whole scenario before heading towards home renovation project.

How to apply this strategy for Singapore homeowners: Understand the materials that are commonly used in Singapore renovation industry by searching or asking your Interior Designer. Using cheaper alternatives can save you thousands of dollars. For example a good granite kitchen top can cost you thousands of dollars. However, by using solid surface as an alternative, you can achieve the same practicality without burning a hole in your pocket.

Define separate budget for each task

When you look to start home renovation campaign, it is necessary to evaluate cost of material and manual labor that will clarify approximate budget you could manage for betterment of house. You can ease the pressure by defining separate budget for each task; it means you can evaluate total cost of lighting, insulation, painting, kitchen remodeling and all other necessary tasks included in home renovation campaign. It affects your budget management and also improves your chances to finish everything on time with successful implementation.

How to apply this strategy for Singapore homeowners: If you have not read my post “Renovation Cost: How much are you expected to pay?”, please take a look at it. The post highlights more on Julia’s point and guide you on all the different costs in a renovation work.

Find Affordable Service Providers

Hire professional team that can contribute in your home renovation campaign without silly mistakes. You should take suggestions from someone who has dealt with affordable service providers that solves your biggest problem of high payments for home renovation. You can save up to 20% on total expenses of home renovation by hiring best and affordable home contractors. You should check companies with positive reviews from past customers as it is necessary to hire best people in the business who can handle your home renovation plan without any doubt and you can finish major portion of home renovation campaign with reference to your preferred budget.

You can hire different contractors for each task of home renovation, as professionals from one field not always have experience in other fields. For lighting you should hire people who have enough experience under their belt, and same thing is applicable with insulation contractors and everyone who has a major role to play in your home renovation task.

How to apply this strategy for Singapore homeowners: This is only advisable for those homeowners who know what they are doing. Finding different contractors can really save you money but the saving does come with a catch. You must be able to handle the contractors and coordinate the work. If you do not know that, it is wiser to leave it to the professional to handle the coordination. Making mistakes in coordinate will cost you more than you save.

Author Bio:- Julia is professional writer working for insulation machines contractors in USA and has lots of experience in home renovation theme of blogs. Contact her at her facebook and twitter profiles to know about his recent publications.

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  1. Grace

    Sep 02. 2014

    Hey Vincent, as I am trying to start up my own interior design company in Singapore, I would like to ask for you opinion on whether no-frills interior design would appeal to you? Although, not having a showroom or paying for advertisement can help us to pass on the savings to customers, would you consider engaging such a firm?

    Maybe you can take a look at my website at and let me know? Thanks 🙂


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    • Vincent

      Oct 13. 2014

      Hi Grace, I would say its not easy. Singapore homeowners’ expectation for renovation finishing is high and most of the local (or Malaysian) renovation sub contractors cannot deliver. Cheap doesn’t comes with quality. I have seen many. There is a reason why many local Interior Designers charge higher pricing. That is all I have to say. But if you succeed, I congratulate you.

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