How much does Interior Designer earn from a renovation project?

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Renovation contractor or Interior designer?

In Singapore, there are a few ways to renovate your dream home. You can engage an Interior Designer, contractor or do-it-yourself (DIY). However, DIY is not recommended unless you ... Continue Reading →

Practical tips on engaging a Interior Designer for your home renovation

1) First thing to do before you even meet your first Interior Designer Ask your partner or yourself what you want from the renovation. Prepare a “what you want” list from ... Continue Reading →

4 reasons why should you seek multiple interior designers’ opinions

1. Enhance your knowledge about home renovation in Singapore. If you have no previous experience in home renovation, this is an important procedure. You need to know what can and cannot ... Continue Reading →

Punggol 4 Room HDB Renovation: Part 3 – Day 4

This post shows the pictures of the house after hacking. // Hacking usually takes 2 days in a apartment or HDB renovation. After hacking, all the debris will be removed by the ... Continue Reading →

Punggol 4 Room HDB Renovation: Part 2 – Floor Plan / 3D Drawing / Quotation

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Punggol 4 Room HDB Renovation: Part 1

On this post, I will be talking about the renovation works of a 4 room HDB flat in Punggol.  I would like to thank the owners and the Interior Designer, Ben Ng, for all the information ... Continue Reading →

Interior Designer Adrian Lau: HDB and Condo Kitchen 3D Designs

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Interior Designer Adrian Lau: HDB and Condo Bedroom 3D Designs

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Singapore Interior Shopping Street: Balestier Road Part 4 (featuring Interior Design Companies)

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Looking for a interior designer (ID)

There are thousand and one IDs around, so selecting one is not an easy task. First wrong step and you will have a mesirable 2 months ( during of the renovation) or years (the period ... Continue Reading →