Beautiful kitchen ideas from Europe

I just came back from Europe and I came across some really beautiful kitchen showrooms. Although there are many similarity between the kitchen designs from Singapore and the Europeans, ... Continue Reading →

Beautiful kitchen ideas

Showrooms’ kitchens always looked stunning as compared to most home kitchen. Most of the materials used to create the kitchen cabinets are the same: plywood, laminate, anti-slam hinges, ... Continue Reading →

Interior Designer Adrian Lau: HDB and Condo Kitchen 3D Designs

Once again, Interior Designer Adrian Lau has contributed more 3D designs for all the readers out there. // HDB and Condo Kitchen 3D Designs // As Singapore property gets smaller ... Continue Reading →

My Kitchen

// This is my current kitchen. It looks decent just like any other custom made kitchen cabinet. However, my wife did not really like it because it’s not the kitchen design ... Continue Reading →