Types of flooring for living room and bedroom

The common types of flooring for your living room and bedroom:

  • Tiles Flooring
  • Parquet Flooring
  • Laminate Flooring
  • Vinyl Flooring
  • Painted Concrete Floor

Tiles Flooring

  • Its the most commonly type of flooring.  Its the most trusted flooring for its toughness, easy maintenance and wide variety of tiles available.
  • Marble & Quartz flooring: These are very beautiful but expensive flooring.
  • Homogeneous flooring: Most commonly used tiles at reasonable price.  Most commonly used in the renovation industry.  It is the most commonly proposed tiles by interior designers and contractors.

Marble Tile

Homogeneous Tiles

Parquet Flooring

  • Used to be the best for wood flooring.  Commonly seen in older private properties in Singapore.  However,with new alternatives in the market, it is facing tough competition.
  • Due to its expensive price and limited variety, most homeowners will choose other alternatives to parquet.
  • Its mostly installed in bedroom rather than living room.  I have no reason why?
  • I personally like the solid feel of the wood and the footing if installed properly.
  • See Hau Hau Parquet & Wood for more on parquet.

Parquet Flooring Sample

Laminate Flooring

  • Its a cheaper alternative to parquet.  Alternative but not substitute.  The feel of laminate flooring can never be compared to parquet.
  • Because of the way its being installed (a layer of foam under the laminate), it does not give a solid footing as compared to tiles and parquet. (see video below on how the laminate flooring is installed)
  • It does give a wood feeling when you walk on it.
  • There is also a wide variety of colours and wood designs to choose from.
  • See Evorich Flooring, Supreme Floors and Kronotex for more information on laminate flooring.
  • Note: Before laminate can be installed, the floor must be flat and even.  Meaning if your floor is not even enough, the floor must be screed using cement.  Without even base, proper installation cannot be done.  It can cost quite a bit due to labour and material cost.  Do check with your interior designers or contractors whether you need to do cement screeding.

Note on the video: A layer of white form is laid before the laminate is installed.

Laminate Flooring 1

Laminate Flooring 2

Laminate Flooring Skirting

Vinyl Flooring

  • Popularity of vinyl flooring (wood design) is on the rise.  We used to use vinyl flooring in the past (I mean as long as 40 years ago!).  It was subsequently replaced by the popularity of tiles.  After reengineering themselves, vinyl flooring is back.
  • The looks of the vinyl flooring (wood design) is very impressive after installation.  It looks like wood and looks very similar to laminate flooring.
  • It feel as solid as tiles or parquet flooring.
  • Its also very affordable.
  • However, it does not give a wood feel when walk on.  It looks woody but does not feel like wood.
  • There are also wide variety of colour and design (wood or non wood) to choose from.
  • Because vinyl tile is thin, you can save some money by over-laying the existing tile flooring or concrete floor without any hacking.  However, the base must still be even before installation can be done properly.
  • See Laflor Living and Evorich for more on vinyl flooring.

Vinyl Flooring Sample

Painted Concrete Floor

  • This is unconventional for flooring in Singapore.  It can be difficult to accept for many homeowners.
  • It does save you a lot of money, easily thousands.
  • Its basically painting your concrete floor with special floor paint and add a concrete sealer coating on top of the paint.
  • See this website: http://www.vintagerevivals.com/2012/06/painted-concrete-floors.html
  • The effect can be very impressive and its different!  If you like to be outstanding and creative, this is the type of flooring for you!

Vintage Revivals: Painted Concrete Floor


Do have a feel of all the different types of flooring before making your choice.  Take note and feel your friends’ and relatives’ floor the next time you visit them or when you visit your interior designers’ show units.  It does help to make your decision easier.


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  1. Kytputih

    Oct 30. 2012

    Very nice article enaplinixg the importance of laminate floors. It is the best option as it has many advantages. The greatest laminate flooring benefit is its ability to add a smart and sophisticated look to a room.A further laminate flooring benefit is the installation can be relatively simple if a few guide lines are followed.The durability of laminate flooring is another benefit that is far superior to real wood flooring.

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  2. Now a days Vinyl and Laminate Flooring are the best option to choose for flooring. So many variation available at affordable prices. This is a nice post, glad to read it. Many thanks for sharing.

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  3. Dor

    Aug 04. 2015

    Hi do you have any idea what is the cost to apply concrete sealer to whole 3A HDB concrete flooring?

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    • Vincent

      Aug 13. 2015

      Hi Dor,

      Sorry for the late reply. The prices keep changing. I really have no idea. Try to ask the ID or tiling contractor.

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