Useful Videos from Youtube about Singapore Interior Design and Renovation

While researching for more informations about Singapore Interior Design, I came across several useful videos from Youtube.

Interior Design in Singapore – how it works

This video talks about interior designing and renovation in general.  Its a good video for first time homeowners who have no knowledge about renovation.  If you have prior experienced with renovation, you can skip this video.

Interior Design Singapore – Maximising the Living Space in your Home

This video is quite interesting.  Some of the ideas of the interior designer are pretty good (i.e. making use the bay window as settee).  However, I don’t really like the idea of putting the TV at the bay window.  The TV will block the light coming from window.  In addition to that, you will have unnecessary and glaring backlight coming from the window when you are watching TV during the day.  However, this video can open your mind to other possibility of arranging your home.

Interior Design Singapore – Living Room and Dining Room Interior Design Tips

The interior designer from Lourve Design has some interesting ideas as to how you can design your living room.  The materials that he mentioned also give you some ideas about what you can do to your living room.  Although the TV feature wall might seems nice on 3D drawing, I don’t really fancy the idea of blocking the windows.  The living room can become pretty dark even during the day.  Overall, its a pretty good video especially if you are designing your own home.

SohoARC on Razor TV (Savannah Condo Home Feature)

The interior designers from Soho ARC have some very interesting advices on how you can save money on your renovation.  Did you noticed that the home owners mentioning about other interior design companies proposing a renovation that exceed their budget?  This is how the industry works.  You can tell the interior designer XXX amount and they propose XXX + XX amount to you.  See my previous post on “Renovation Cost: How much are you expected to pay?” for more details on how to set your renovation budget for your interior designer.

Hope all these videos are useful to you.

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  1. great youtube videos, thank you for pointing us in that direction. liked the first one especially.

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