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Wall and floor tiles are play a very major part in the design of a house. Therefore if you can install selected tiles using suitable techniques and designs, you will be able to beautify your home in style!

In Singapore, large size wall and floor tiles (basically any size bigger than 300mm x 300mm) are a common sight, regardless it is a new condominium, HDB or newly renovated home.

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Pros of large size tiles:

  • Clean look
  • Fast and easy installation
  • Tiles are easily available in all major tile shops in Singapore
  • Lower installation cost
  • Easy maintenance

Cons of large size tiles:

  • Boring and common design
  • Difference restricted to materials, surface feel and colour

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Interior Designers’ solutions to boring tiles design

1) Mosaic and other designer tiles 

The most common way is to install Mosaic tiles. These tiles looks beautiful and are commonly used as featured wall in bathroom or other parts of the house. Other designer tiles like “brick style” tiles are also the favourite among Interior Designers. These tiles are usually more costly than the usual large size plain tiles.

**Note: Most of the tile (usually between $2.50 psf to $3.50 psf) listed in the quotation by the Interior Design companies in Singapore belong to the common large size tiles with limited designs. Mosaic and other designer tiles usually cost $10 psf and up. You can choose to remove the tile price from the quotation. You will then pay the tiles cost to your Interior Designer after the tile choosing process. In that way, you tile selection process is not restricted by price.

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2) Victorian or Cement tiles

These tiles are hardly seen in the market. Not many Interior Designers used it and most major tile shop in Singapore do not carry them. These tiles are really beautiful and it really brings back all the memory of the 60’s and 70’s. However, maintenance of such tiles can be difficult as compared to the common used homogeneous or ceramic tiles.

The making of encaustic cement tiles

For more variety of really beautiful tiles, you can visit: http://divinegallery.com.sg

3) Using different tiling patterns with smaller tiles

The use of smaller tiles with different tiling patterns is a really rare sight nowadays. It really takes a lot of effort and time to install the tiles using this technique. This also means that it can be expensive when you apply such technique to large wall and floor areas. Below are some of the pictures of wall and floor tiles that uses smaller tiles. The size of the tiles can range from 100mm by 100mm to 30mm by 30mm.

The examples below are just some of the different tiling patterns that Interior Designers can do. Creative Interior Designers can come out with different tiling patterns using the same tiles to create different designs. The variety of designs is only limited by the Interior Designers’ creativity.

Beautiful wall & floor tiles-1 Beautiful wall & floor tiles-2 Beautiful wall & floor tiles-3 Beautiful wall & floor tiles-4 Beautiful wall & floor tiles-5 Beautiful wall & floor tiles-6 Beautiful wall & floor tiles-7 Beautiful wall & floor tiles-8 Beautiful wall & floor tiles-9 Beautiful wall & floor tiles-10 Beautiful wall & floor tiles-11 Beautiful wall & floor tiles-12 Beautiful wall & floor tiles-13

As I always mentioned, nice stuffs usually don’t come cheap. A slightly different in design will make a difference in the price. Your usual quotation pricing from most of the Interior Designers or contractors might not be able to achieve such standard. Do ask your Interior Designers whether they know where to get the necessary tiles and whether their tilers are able to achieve similar tiling patterns.

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