What to do if your aircon is not cold or faulty?

From my previous experience, I have came out with a solution for you when you face problems with your aircon.


  • Usually it always start with noisy aircon or your aircon is not blowing out cold air.  Worest, your aircon is not even working!
  • Ask yourself:  Do I know what is wrong with my aircon?  Do I know the market price for fixing a aircon?  Who do I call?  Do I have any good aircon technician that can solve my problem COMPLETELY?  Is it expensive?  Will I be overcharged?  Is there warranty?  Is the aircon technician reliable?
  • If you have no answer to the above questions, I hope this post of mine can help you to solve you problem and save you some money.

If you bought warranty from your aircon seller

  • If you have parts warranty, you are pretty much on the safe side, especially if your warranty is from big companies like Gain City.
  • All you do is to call them to get everything fixed.

If you did not buy extended warranty or your warranty expired

  • There are many aircon technician out there claiming that they can solve your aircon problem.  Sad to say, not all aircon technician can solve your aircon problem.
  • In order not to waste time, money and getting yourself frustrated, you best solution is to call the manufacturer directly.
  • Why call manufacturer instead of independent aircon technician?  1) Can you guarantee that the independent aircon technician will solve your problem?  2) Why call someone who only have LIMITED knowledge about all aircon brands instead of someone who SPECIALIZED in your aircon only?  3) Big companies like LG, SAMSUNG, MITSUBISHI, etc have reputation to protect, they MUST fixed your aircon no matter what.  4) The employees of manufacturers have no conflict of interest, meaning their salary is fixed, they want to solve all customers’ problems to prevent complaints and they have a fixed price list to follow.  You will not be over charged and problem will be solved completely. 5) They have special software to diagnose the aircon which independent aircon technician do not have.  6) You will be surprised that the manufacturers actually charge cheaper than independent aircon technician.  The reason is that the independent aircon technician still have to get the parts from the manufacturers.  They need to add labour cost on top of the parts and add another amount in order to provide their own warranty.  If you meet dishonest aircon technician, they will just charge any price they like and you will be paying over priced services.

Here is a example of my case where LG aircon service technician fixing my aircon

LG electrician diagnosing my aircon using their specialized software just for LG aircon.

A clearer picture of how the software look like

The receipt for services completed and parts used.

  • My aircon problem was not fixed by the independent aircon technician that I used.   It cost me $120 to know that.
  • The software that the LG technician used is so powerful.  It shows how the aircon is performing, the temperature of the air in each unit, whether the aircon is performing up to standard, etc.
  • The price for their service: $169 ONLY!  $100 is for labour cost, and the rest are parts and GST!
  • Price for LG on other services:  1) About $350-$400 for gas leak problem (they will need 2 days to fix as they need to install equipments to determine where is the leak on the first day). 2) Gas refilling for INVERTER aircon is dependent on the amount of gas used (base charge is $100 for labour).  However, the technician told me gas refill is usually not necessary unless there is a leak.  The gas can last for a long long time.  3) The price of system board is about $80.  This is needed when the system board is damaged.
  • My aircon repair come with a 1 month warranty from LG.  It is working like brand new (my room is freezing within 15 minutes even without full power)!
  • The LG technician added that if my aircon is not cold after a month, it means that the gas is leaking and a gas leak servicing will be needed.  Hopefully I am not going to call them in a month time! ;P

Contact number to major aircon manufacturer customer care

Hope this post solves you your problem!  Thanks for reading!


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2 Responses to “What to do if your aircon is not cold or faulty?”

  1. Joc

    Apr 25. 2016

    What about a very old Sharp aircon unit (>20 years old) that suddenly seems to trip the earth-leakage circuit breaker consistently? Should we just change it or attempt to get it repaired?

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  2. Nam Sun AC

    Oct 05. 2016

    WOW, thx for sharing the price for aircon cleaning. Is this standard price?

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